Amazon may be working on a robot for your home

Amazon is known for taking risks and entering categories far ahead of its competitors (just look at the Amazon Echo), and the mega etailer could be looking to do it once more with robots for their home.

That's right: Amazon is working on domestic robots, reports Bloomberg.

The top-secret project is codenamed Vesta and could see robots in employee homes later this year, with consumers likely to be able to buy their own bots by 2019.

Recently, Amazon began to increase contracting at his Lab 126, where the robot develops. Lab 126 prepared Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers and the Amazon Fire phone (remember that?), According to Bloomberg.

Amazon Domestication

It is not known exactly how the robot will work, but Bloomberg sources speculate that it could follow homeowners near rooms where an Echo is not already in place.

Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, will probably figure a lot in the robot.

Prototypes already have advanced cameras and computer vision software, which allows the robot to move in a house like a car without a driver, presumably aware of the environment and avoiding obstacles.

Amazon currently uses robots in its product stores, although obviously Vesta bot would be specialized to operate at home.

While Amazon would likely defeat the main rivals, Google and Apple, when it comes to domestic robots, other companies, such as LG and Sony, have already developed robots that perform tasks or provide a certain level of company.

The big The question, aside from whether the ambitions of the Amazon robots ever come to fruition, is how much the robot Alexa will cost. Most likely it is expensive, although Amazon can reduce the cost of its Prime members.

A home robot would give Amazon an explicit access to their home, and we speculate that the robot will quickly learn its habits, such as when you turn off the lights in a certain room, as well as the products you buy (we could easily see it when you need it replenish detergent and complete an order for you).

As the company looks for more forms in its home, a domestic robot makes a lot of sense.

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