Next Big Windows 10 Update Gets a New Name

Microsoft has kept a suspicious silence about the official name of its great update of Windows 10, whose code name is Redstone 4, but the latest evidence suggests that it is simply "Update April."


Previously, a video indicated that it was an "April 2018 update", while previous marketing materials and system code pointed to "Spring Creators Update". But Neowin installed a preview compilation and found the name of the April Update on a Microsoft Edge landing page.

But Paul Thurrott, who installed the same build, found a more generic splash page welcoming him to the best version of Windows. It is possible that Microsoft has not yet decided its final name, and is waiting to see if it really launches in April (it is running out of time).

An update with a month name would put Windows in line with Xbox, which follows the same style.

The new update will have a more fluid design, applications with tabs, timeline and easy file exchange between devices. The initial update was delayed after a blocking error that caused some Windows Insiders to face the Blue Screen of Death, but is now back in the test rings.

Windows 10 basics

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Windows 10 basics

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