Meizu's new phones don't have notches

The Chinese company Meizu has introduced its new range of smartphones, the 15 series, and seems to be taking a stand against current trends in phone design. Here you will not find notches or even high screens, only large and intact rectangles. It is really refreshing.

There are three telephones: the Meizu 15 Plus OLED of 1440p of 5.95 inches, the Meizu 15 OLED of 5.46 inches and the Meizu 15 Lite of 1080p of 5.46 inches. The Plus uses a Samsung Exynoos 8895 processor, unusually, the same chip found in the international models of the Galaxy S8, while the 15 has a Snapdragon 660 and the Lite employs a Snapdragon 626.

In terms of design, imagine an iPhone 7 Plus with thinner bevels on all four sides and it's practically there: the phones even manage to place a start button equipped with a fingerprint reader under the screen. Meizu also promotes a linear vibration motor to work with this button and other features throughout the Flyme 7 software.

The two OLED models have a dual rear camera configuration of 20 megapixels and 12 megapixels, while all three have 20 megapixels selfies cameras The Lite and the 15 have 4GB of RAM and 3,000mAh, while the Plus is upgraded to 6GB and 3,500mAh. All phones have headphone plugs.

In general, the 15 series looks like a pretty solid lineup if you have not been very enthusiastic about the way the phone's design has been working lately. The Plus will sell 3,000 yuan (approximately $ 475) in China, the 15 will sell for 2,500 yuan (~ $ 400), and the Lite will cost 1,700 yuan (~ 270).

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