In the race to create the perfect music streaming service, Deezer has not always led the pack: it has created some interesting features along the route, but so far there has been very little to differentiate the service from the average Dozen other services in The market.

But Deezer's next feature, called Flow Tabs, could help expand the field a bit.

The feature basically combines the best of Deezer's Flow music prediction algorithm and crushes it with selected Spotify playlists and Pandora's custom radio stations. , creating a hybrid of the three that allows you to choose between a playlist inspired by the artist that still fits your musical tastes.

The thought here, according to the Chief Content and Official Product of Deezer, Alexander Holland, is to offer personalized playlists that respond to different moods and musical tastes.

In practice, that means that if one day you're in the mood to listen to a melodic R & B inspired by The Weeknd and the next you're ready for AC / DC high-octane rock, you'll get custom playlists inspired by those artists that match your mood

Humorous music

At the heart of the show is Flow: Deezer's trump card in the ongoing music transmission war. It is the mastermind behind the service's music recommendations, and brings together constantly evolving playlists that become smarter the more you use it.

Flow Tabs, the function announced today, takes it all to the next level and allows you to adapt those playlists to your mood, since the music prediction algorithm can only do so much to understand how you feel.

While Flow Tabs might not be the final salvo that places Deezer at the top of the other streaming services, a difficult task considering some of Spotify's new features is another way to help differentiate between similar transmission services. .

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