Best Nintendo Switch games 2018: the must-have games at home and on the go

[Update: The latest addition to our selection of the best Nintendo Switch games is, of course, Nintendo Labo!]

A year after its release, it begins to feel like everyone has Nintendo Switc h or is planning to get one. The Nintendo Hybrid has had a year of release that most consoles dream of with good sales, critical recognition and, most importantly, the most attractive Nintendo home console game library we've seen in a lot weather.

Whether you already have a Switch or want to see exactly what you can play in it, we have compiled a list of the best games to enjoy both at home and away from home. .

First, the Nintendo Switch is the only console where you can play titles like Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

In addition to the first-party appeal, Nintendo has finally begun to adopt third-party titles with Switch, which makes it an interesting proposition for an even wider group of players.

Third-party publishers are bringing new and old games to the console and even the ones we've played many times before coming back to feel new on the console's portable screen. We may have played Skyrim for hundreds of hours on PC and console, but somehow it feels refreshed on the Switch.

Even out of these great hits, you have to consider a variety of indie games in the eShop console, some of which have become big hits in their own right.

We are constantly testing the best and best Switch games, too, so be aware of updates to this list. The year 2018 seems to be a great year for the great releases of Nintendo Switch.

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