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Email is still an important form of communication, more formal than a text, tweet or instant message, while obviously much faster than "postal mail", which may explain why the volume of email continues to increase. In fact, a recent estimate claimed that about 269 billion emails were sent daily.

Most of us probably have multiple email accounts with online providers like Gmail, or Yahoo, which can be used online through their corresponding websites (also known as webmail) or through the use of mobile apps.

Managing and coordinating multiple accounts can quickly become an arduous task, and that's where an email client becomes a useful solution to synchronize all your messages in one place. An email client can also offer additional features, such as enhanced security or the ability to back up messages. We select six of the best email clients in this article.

1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Classic Email Client

Worldwide Business Trust

The & # 39; gold standard & # 39; of email clients

Integrated with Microsoft Office

Not cheap

Microsoft Outlook is the de facto email client for most businesses and companies, and has been around for decades, with its origins that date from MS-DOS. Obviously it has a close integration with other Microsoft services, and that takes the email beyond the simple exchange of messages.

Outlook has the advantage of being fully integrated with the Outlook Calendar, making it very easy to share calendars to coordinate meetings. This integration also extends to Outlook Contacts. Outlook is compatible with the Windows platform, but also through the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Microsoft Outlook is available as part of the Microsoft Office suite, which can be purchased as the standalone version of Office 2016 or the subscription. Office 365. A single user subscription can be purchased from Office 365 Personal for $ 6.99 (around £ 5, AU $ 9) per month or $ 69.99 (around £ 50, AU $ 90) for a full year.

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The email client that is good enough to come with Windows

Integrated in Windows 10

Integrates with Windows Calendar

] Supports multiple email providers

Less functional

While Outlook is a stalwart of the business world, Microsoft has realized that it is excessive for many home users, so there is a light email client integrated in Windows. A long time ago, this client was Outlook Express, but since then it has evolved and in the latest version of the Microsoft desktop operating system, it is known as Mail for Windows 10.

For any Windows user, the Mail for client Windows 10 is an obvious choice, such as when you log in to Windows 10 with a Hotmail, Live or address, the account has already been added to the email client.

It can also work with other popular accounts, such as Yahoo, Gmail and iCloud. Mail for Windows 10 has a useful feature known as Quick Actions, which, for example, allows the user to easily mark or file a message. It is also integrated with the Windows Calendar application.

3. eM Client

A full-featured alternate email client

Chat compatible

Features encryption

Modern interface

Requires Pro product for more than two accounts

This email client Alternative electronic is reliable and used by Fortune 500 companies that include Avis, McDonald's and Toyota.

Offers a wide range of features, including a calendar, contacts and chat. Support is provided for all major email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and The latest version of eM Client (7.1) also offers PGP encryption, live backup and automatic responses for Gmail.

There is a free level, but you need the Pro version for commercial use, and that also gives you VIP support and unlimited accounts (the free product is limited to two email accounts). The Pro version will cost you $ 49.95 (or £ 29.95 in the UK, which is around AU $ 55).

4. Mailbird Pro

The email client that is full of application integrations

Lots of integrated applications


Customizable interface

Does not support filters

Mailbird Pro is a mail client electronic that promises "save time managing multiple accounts, and make your email is" easy and beautiful ".

While beauty can be in the eye of the beholder, as they say, it is undeniable that Mailbird Pro offers many free themes to make email more enjoyable and customizable experience.

Unlike some email clients more focused on Microsoft, Mailbird Pro supports a wide range of integrated applications, including WhatsApp, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Slack, all for a better streamlining workflow However, one disadvantage to keep in mind here is that no There is support for filters or rules to organize your inbox.

The annual cost of Mailbird Pro is $ 9 (around £ 6, AU $ 12) for an individual, and $ 20 (around £ 14, AU $ 26) for a business user.

5. Inky

The anti-phishing email client

Built around security

Finds phishing emails that other clients lose

Less focus on non-security features

Inky is a Email client that focuses on security, using "sophisticated artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision algorithms" to block all types of phishing attacks that might otherwise occur.

This client uses an & # 39; Inky Phish Fence & # 39; It scans internal and external emails to mark phishing attempts. The patented machine learning technology can literally read an email to determine if it has phishing content, and then you can quarantine the email or deliver it with malicious links turned off. It also takes things a step further and offers an analysis panel, which allows an administrator to see attack patterns based on dates or specific users.

The email client Inky offers a free trial version, but unfortunately the details of the prices are not made available on the Inky website. However, the site notices that the price is per mailbox per month in a subscription, with volume discounts available.

6. TouchMail

View-oriented email with additional features


Color-coded emails

Windows only

TouchMail is an email client that simplifies email making it more visual. This also makes it easier to use on a touch-based mobile device.

The goal of TouchMail is to add several email accounts together, in a single, visually appealing interface that is easy to use. It allows you to see all the emails of the day in one place, with messages encoded by color by the sender for easy identification. The emails of the main senders can be easily ordered and managed as well.

This client is available for the Windows 10 platform, but not for iOS or Android, unfortunately. TouchMail can be obtained from the Microsoft store and normally has a cost of $ 29.99 (around £ 22, AU $ 39), although at the time of writing there is a sale that gives a third of the requested price.

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