iMac 2018: what we want to see

With reports suggesting that a new MacBook Air and a 13-inch MacBook Retina are on the way in 2018, both cheaper than their predecessors, we would not be surprised to see an iMac 2018 at their heels. [19659002] The iMac could also use an update. After upgrading with the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors in mid-2017, Intel launched its 8th generation of Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake processors. Now the iMac has a generation delay in terms of processing power, not to mention its outdated style.

It is easy to speculate about what the iMac 2018 will look like. On the one hand, there is a lot of evidence that three of the Macs that Apple will launch in 2018 will download some functionality to the coprocessors manufactured by Cupertino, instead of entrusting all functions to a third party like Intel. This is likely to be an early root in Apple's Kalamata initiative, where it purportedly wants to replace all of the Intel CPUs with Cupertino silicone by 2020. This year will also mark the 20th anniversary of the iMac, and you know that Apple will want to commemorate this benchmark with a new product.

As usual, Apple keeps his cards very close to his chest, so we do not have a lot of information to continue at this time, but we have compiled all the rumors we have heard so far to help us speculate about what that may imply an iMac 2018.

We will also establish what we want to see from iMac 2018, based on our expert knowledge and current trends.

Cut to the hunt [19659007] What is it? A new version of Apple's all-in-one iMac
  • When did it come out? Possibly June or August 2018
  • How much will it cost? Probably start at $ 1,099 (£ 1,049, AU $ 1,599)
  • iMac 2018 release date

    We have not heard any specific rumors about th The launch date of the iMac 2018, so until we do, We'll have to make some guesses.

    The iMac 2017 update was unveiled on June 5, 2017 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), so there is a possibility that Apple will use WWDC 2018 to announce an update.

    If Apple plans to do something special to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the iMac, then a launch date in August might be possible. – since they will be exactly 20 years from the launch of the original.

    Price of iMac 2018

    Again, there's not much more to say about the price of an iMac 2018. Fortunately, the price will not deviate too much from last year's models, unless There are great updates in regards to the components.

    Last year's iMac base price is $ 1,099 (£ 1,049, AU $ 1,599), so we would like to see a similar price with the iMac 2018. Of course, the iMac comes in several configurations (and prices) ) to satisfy your needs.

    With the high-end iMac Pro starting at $ 4,999 (£ 4,899, AU $ 7,299), we can imagine an iMac 2018 with a cost of between $ 1,000 (£ 1,000, AU $ 1,500) and $ 2,500 (£ 2,000) , AU $ 3,000).

    iMac 2018: what we want to see

    While we do not know too much about how the iMac 2018 will be, we have many ideas about what we would like to see in a new version of the all-in-one. Read on to learn about our suggestions that would make the iMac 2018 the best iMac of all time.

      iMac 2018

    Celebrate the 20th anniversary in style

    For any device, 20 years in business is a big problem, so we & # 39; I'd love to see Apple do something special to commemorate the anniversary of this year's iMac.

    Apple released special versions of its hardware to mark previous milestones, such as the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh, launched in 1997 to commemorate Apple's twentieth birthday. .

    With the much loved iMac and its iconic design, a special version of the iMac 2018 that paid tribute to its past could be a big hit with Apple fans and collectors.

    A renovated design

    While we love the look of the iMac, it has the same design over the last 10 years, so 2018 could be a great year to adjust the look. That could mean a minor revision, like slimming the body even more, or something more drastic.

    Rumors of an iMac redesign have been circulating since a publication on Reddit, apparently by a & # 39; Foxconn Insider & # 39; who worked for the company that builds the devices for Apple, said there would be an update of the iMac and its peripherals.

    Regarding color, the aluminum design of the iMac has been a staple since 2007, so we would not mind seeing another color option with the iMac 2018 – maybe a version of Space Gray, like the iMac Pro ?

      iMac 2018

    Get inspired by the iMac Pro

    The iMac Pro is a fantastic device, and while it is definitely a product intended for The audience will be completely different from the iMac 2018, there are some things that the iMac standard could incorporate from his brother more expensive.

    For example, removing the hard drive and sticking to solid-state drives alone would allow Apple to make the iMac 2018 even thinner while also giving the machine a decent speed improvement. Even better for photographers and filmmakers is if Apple allows compatibility with the UHS-II SD card, thus streamlining the post-production process.

    The iMac Pro also features smart cooling technology to help reduce the heat of the components, again allowing for a slimmer design without noisy fans, and we'd love to see it on the iMac 2018 as well.

    Oh, and did we mention that we would really like to see an iMac Space Gray?

      iMac 2018

    Get Inspired by the MacBook and the iPhone

    Although we're getting ideas from other Apple devices, there are some things we'd like to see from the iPhone and MacBook appear on the iMac 2018.

    example How cool would it be if the touch bar of certain MacBooks appeared on a redesigned iMac keyboard? Those touch sensitive buttons would be a fantastic addition.

    In addition, the Face ID technology of the iPhone X impressed us a lot, so if Apple is thinking of updating the FaceTime camera on the iMac 2018, we would love to see this included, so we can unlock our new iMac with just a glance .

    Enhanced Specifications

    We would love to see the iMac 2018 with some of the latest and greatest components when it is revealed to the world.

    Although we'd love to see the iMac 2018, at least the entry-level version, running one of the latest quad-core processors from Intel, if the iMac uses Intel's Coffee Lake CPUs, we can even see an iMac 2018 with a six core processor, which would give the all-in-one a real boost when it comes to multiple tasks.

    In terms of graphics, the iMac could keep the AMD Vega graphics cards, and if Apple bets on one of the latest AMD cards, or even one that has not yet been released, then the iMac 2018 could have some serious graphic chops.

    Let's cross our fingers and see that some or all of these predictions materialize later this year.

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