7 new trailers you should watch this week

Westworld starts again this weekend after a little over a year. I had a love / hate relationship with the first season. I did not like the experience of seeing as much as I loved the goal experience of reading speculations about where the show was going, but I'm still really interested to see what happens this season.

In particular, I'm curious to see how writers manage to work the same kinds of big structural twists in the series they did in season 1, especially now that viewers know how to look for them. I am torn because a part of me feels that this is a naughty story, but another part has to admit that they have done a masterful job creating a great puzzle and a piece of conversation, which is definitely a feat.

The show starts again on Sunday night. If interested, my colleague Bryan Bishop has to take a look at the first five episodes and wrote a review about how the season begins. Do not worry, there are no spoilers.

Check out seven trailers this week below.

Deadpool 2

Here is the last trailer of Deadpool 2 before the movie comes out next month. This is easily the simplest and most direct trailer the movie has ever had. Enter the plot, introduce the characters, is impregnated with humor, but it is not even so weird . It really seems that this is made for audiences that somehow did not hear about the original movie. It leaves on May 18.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

And here's the latest trailer for the new Jurassic World before it comes out. This also goes much deeper into the territory of the spoiler than any previous trailer, and … everything seems a bit ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the events in this movie include Chris Pratt teaming up with a dinosaur to take down the government or some evil corporation, or something like that. At least that's what I get from this trailer. It leaves June 22.


Hereditary was one of the Sundance movies this year, I guess it's ridiculously scary. The movie plays a lot with the trope of the "spooky child", but it seems to go much further with a world out of series and a strange family history to explore. It leaves on June 8.


Blindspotting deals with many things, but in general, it's about how two friends, one black and one white, experience their gentrified neighborhood in very different ways. Everything seems to reach the climax around a police shooting that a character, played by Daveed Diggs, is a direct witness of. It leaves on July 20.


The director of Gattaca has a new science fiction movie directed to Netflix. It takes place in a world where every human being has an augmented vision, but a woman has discovered how to hack it. It seems to have a noir detectives environment (with femme fatale tropes), but it seems like a pretty funny thriller. It leaves on May 4.

Mary Shelley

I missed this last week, but I still wanted to include it: it's about the creator of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, played here by Elle Fanning. The criticism has not been fantastic, but the story it tells is still interesting. You can read more about my colleague Bryan Bishop, who saw him last year. The movie will be released on May 25 and will be presented on demand a week later.

Hotel Artemis

It seems the definition of a movie like "do not worry too much and just enjoy". This is a group of criminals who fight against a lot of other criminals in a hotel run by criminals and specialized in criminal care. It's completely ridiculous, and it's meant to be. It leaves on June 8.

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