The best iPhone games 2018

It would take approximately 34,506,455 years to play in each of the iPhone games in the App Store.

Well … that number could be quite inaccurate, but such is the wealth of titles in the application portal, combined with the depth of some of those offered, you can easily play on your phone for years without getting bored .

The app store is full of goodies to play, but not all iPhone games are born equal, which is why I've done the hard work of playing as many games as humanly possible to tell you which ones are the best.

One tip: make sure you think about what kind of game you want, and appreciate that some of them are more "session" titles. and some are the ones you would like to take out and play in a weird five minutes.

That's important as we are big advocates for people to pay for games on the application portal: they help offset some of the free titles financed by in-app purchases.

So, if you are going to pay £ 5 / $ 5 for a game, be sure to have a daily commute or enough downtime to get your attention. The beauty of being able to play an immersive game in motion, something that would have been the quality of the console a few years ago, should never be underestimated.

Also think of a controller for some titles, while many games do not. To support an external device, those who do are usually great to play without having to use a touch screen to interact.

And to contradict ourselves: free games with in-app purchases are fine, and often give you a great experience without the need to pay. However, when you become really good with them, you will find that they constantly tell you when to stop, to regenerate something or to move on to the next level.

However, if you have decided that you love RPGs, fighting games and strategy, and as the two options in which you can dive and play for hours, we are here to help. After many trials and tribulations, we come to the list you are about to immerse yourself in: the best games you can enjoy today on your iPhone.

New: Food Pals ($ 2.99 / £ 2.99 / AU $ 4.49)

Food Pals is a platform game with bipedal food, eggs, fruit and a strange burger, which crosses a hostile terrain full of electrified barriers, watch teeth, spikes and giant insects. Your local supermarket, this is not.

Everything is controlled by a single thumb. One of the prod's of the screen sends your character to the air or ninja-jump from a wall. Each level is handmade, so the key is to learn every nook and cranny, then test your hand on the perfect run.

Reaching the end of Food Pals is not the most demanding task, but there is longevity for completistas, with collectables dotted at each level, often in hidden locations. As you play, it is a game that transmits fun and charm.

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