Overwatch Review

Available on PS4, PC (tested versions) and Xbox One

Editor's note: As Overwatch is a videogame in constant evolution with frequent updates that adds new heroes, maps and multiplayer balances, we have decided to review it again. Here is our last verdict:

Since its launch in May 2016, Overwatch has amassed tens of millions of players while consolidating itself as a cornerstone of the culture of popular games. This is largely due to Blizzard's continued support, whether through free updates, seasonal events or global sports competitions. By separating Overwatch from all the fuss and fanfare, it's still a fantastic experience that remains focused on fun and diversity.

Overwatch is a first person shooter focused on 27 heroes (originally released with 21, this number continues to grow through free updates to the list), which reside in one of four categories: Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Each character offers something unique, both in terms of identity and mechanics.

The formula moment by moment has not changed much since its initial release. The coincidences still reside in three different modes: Escort, Assault and Hybrid. Accompaniment follows a team while guiding a payload through the map, passing checkpoints along the way. The other squad must stop them, reducing the payload by outnumbering the opponents and dispatching enemies.

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Assault presents two points that a team must capture, while the other tries to stop them. Hybrid is a mixture of the two: capture a point before escorting a load to its final destination. The rules are simple, which means that it is possible for anyone to jump over to Overwatch and try it.

After hundreds of hours of play still offers moments of absolute joy. It is accessible enough for a group of friends with different levels of experience to enjoy a game. However, this ease of access does not prevent his amazing cast of heroes from having enough nuance to be learning something new. Thanks to the addition of new Blizzard heroes, this is not something I see coming to an end soon.

All this is helped by the good feeling that Overwatch has to control. Each bullet, rocket or bolt connects with a satisfactory impact as the health bar of your enemy runs out. You can also change the hero whenever you want. This is recommended so that your team has the ideal components to complete the objective. Did you lose a tank but you were charged by two clumsy snipers? Change and you will be surprised at the difference this will make. All teams need a healer, it is a thankless task, but being the disinterested giver of your squad means you are an invaluable asset to keep your team alive during the most important moments of a battle.

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After its original release, it could have multiple versions of the same hero on each team, which meant it was possible to break irreparable matches. This is not a problem now, although it does mean that you must be quick to choose your hero, especially if it is popular.

Special modes are restricted to & # 39; Fights & # 39;, are played purely for fun and earn extra loot. This is not the only change that Blizzard has made to the formula in the last two years. A multitude of heroes, maps and modes have been refined, too.

Heroes like Symmetra and Mercy have been updated with new skills that, while not attractive to everyone, are emblematic of a list that is always unpredictable. Some characters have undergone minor changes, although almost all have received modifications that make them more accessible and fun. The same can be said of the user interface that continues to receive small touches that make the experience easier to enjoy.

In terms of modes, the fast and competitive vanilla playlists are now accompanied by an Arcade mode with variations in Brawls that change all the time. Seasonal events are held throughout the year and feature PvE events and a special aesthetic for Overwatch, which complements both the game and tradition. Blizzard has clearly taken into account the lack of initial variety of Overwatch, although their new additions are not always up to the task. Capture The Flag and Elimination highlight that the heroes were created for a game method that suffers outside of a specific frame.

Seasonal events and new modes transform the Overwatch approach, either celebrating the culture of its cast, or getting closer to the narrative that Blizzard has in front of us like a carrot on a stick.

Unfortunately, they also highlight the fractured jewel in the Overwatch crown: its progression system.

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One of the only notable progression forms in Overwatch is its substantial variety of cosmetics. Each hero has several masks, sprays, emotes and dialog lines that can be unlocked and assigned to your liking. These are obtained through loot that are obtained each time you raise the level.

Opening them is rewarding, but grinding and not winning that special skin is understandably frustrating. This is especially true during seasonal events, where you only have a few weeks to win whatever you feel like.

Coins are another way to buy cosmetics, although they are earned so slowly that they are almost trivial. The loot boxes are available as in-game purchases if you are looking for a potential, albeit expensive, shortcut. The only goal of leveling Overwatch is to get boxes, which are often filled with common elements that we find meaningless. You may feel predatory and ungrateful at best. The Blizzard shooter could be said to have been a catalyst for the systems that plagued Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of War, although the main difference here is that they have no impact on player performance.

Players looking for something a little more serious can invest time in Competitive, a place to compete in the world leaderboards while earning points to buy fabulous golden weapons. Now in its ninth season, this mode is a guaranteed method of injecting matches with an additional layer of tension. The fighting tends to last longer as each team pursues the objective in the bouts that genuinely prove to bite the nails.

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Overwatch is still one of the most compelling and experimental shooters in the world at the moment. Blizzard Entertainment's commitment to new innovative heroes, modes and response to community feedback is unparalleled, and a pleasure to watch.

Like World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo before, Blizzard has created something that will undoubtedly exist for years to come. .

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