LG can’t meet Apple’s demand for iPhone OLED displays

Apple's efforts to diversify its reliance on Samsung as a maker of iPhone screens have reportedly clashed with problems. The Wall Street Journal reports that efforts to obtain OLED displays from LG Display in the iPhone production line have affected manufacturing problems. According to reports, Apple will split whether LG will be successful as the second source of OLED screens for the iPhone.

Analysts have been warning for months that Apple has an "urgent" need to find another iPhone OLED provider in addition to Samsung. Currently, Apple uses Samsung's OLED displays for the company's iPhone X model. Dependence on a single provider means that Samsung controls the prices on the screens that Apple is buying, and there is no other alternative at the moment.

LG again used OLED phone screens for the V30, but the screen quality was not very good. LG has also been supplying OLED screens for the Google Pixel 2 XL phone, and it has been a lottery if the owners get a good screen or not. LG is a leader in OLED displays for TV sizes, but the company seems to be struggling to bring that experience to smaller smartphone screens.

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