Smart ways to track your friends at the London Marathon 2018

If you are heading to the London Marathon this year, chances are you want to control someone when they are hitting the streets.

Either to make sure someone is still going and not give up the suffocating heat (I'm not going to lie, it's starting to scare me a little) or just want to know how many times you can see them, knowing that their current whereabouts are crucial.

Fortunately, if you have a smartphone or a tablet connected to the Internet, you can see where they are in glorious detail, making sure you can see them at the crucial moment.

It is worth noting, however, a couple of things: most of them will be delayed a bit, so do not assume that you will be able to track people to the exact meter. With that in mind, always arrive approximately five minutes early if you expect to see them.

In addition, with more than 30,000 runners and many viewers, networks can quickly become congested … so some of the application suggestions below can babble and die in the race itself.

Just before going into that, I wanted to share something with you that occurred to me today on my desk. I'm just as excited and scared by this thing …

The official application London Marathon

The easiest way to track a friend is through the official application itself , which now allows you to track 20 runners, instead of 10.

All you need is your name or (ideally) your number, throw that out and you can see how everyone is progressing in 5km pieces.

This is a great way to monitor people without worrying about network failure, as well as eliminate the problem if someone does not have a phone.

You will also get a course map, a donation charity module, a leaderboard and push notifications from the people you care about

Download it from the Play Store or App Store and get ready for the race ahead of time.

Find My Friends

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If you are running chum you are using an iPhone, you can control them during the race using this phone feature.

Just turn it on in the app that comes preloaded on the iPhone (or you can download it again from the App Store) and then add the people you want to follow: you have full control over who can see your location.

Remember to revoke access later if you're worried that they know where you are at all times … otherwise, it's a blank letter to appear when you least expect it.

Garmin LiveTrack

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Since we have discovered that most people wear Garmin watches during the race, it makes sense to use this feature to monitor where they are.

One of the key benefits here is that you can see how fast they are going, which means that you can sometimes edith based on speed, pace, elevation … in short, most of the things you show the watch.

One of our favorite elements is the fact that you can even synchronize heart rate data, so your partner can see how much time you're fighting in the course.

Simply download the Garmin Connect app and start a LiveTrack session before the race begins and invite people to the web link it generates via Twitter, Facebook or email.

It's worth noting that this application has been a bit violent for us in the past (although it may have improved) and if it's running, it's worth putting your battery saving settings to help your phone survive until the end of the race. [19659024] Runkeeper Live Track

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The Runkeeper service is very different from Garmin in some way, that is, it does not use a clock to feed the information.

Instead, you & # 39; re doing everything from the application. It is also available only to Runkeeper Go subscribers, so you'll have to pay to use it.

To get going, simply activate the & # 39; Broadcast live & # 39; in the corner of the execution screen, and make sure that & # 39; "Part of the configuration does not make your account and profile remain private.

After that, the advice is the same as the previous one: activate your phone's power settings and start working …

Strava Beacon

This is something more for family runners, or those with a close group of friends.

If you are a Premium member of Strava (this costs extra from the basic service) can send a signal from your phone when it is running.This works in a similar way to Find My Friends, and does not contain as much information as the Garmin or Runkeeper options, but it does show where someone is.

Runner will have to manually activate the mode before starting, and once again remember to save that battery in the configuration (lowering the brightness of the screen really helps …)

However, it is only available for three contacts nearby us at once, so it's worth making sure you
know who really wants to see you during the race.

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