Fortnite Battle Royale news and updates: what’s new in Fortnite

[Update: There is not much time left of the third season of Fortnite and the players begin to wonder what will come next, with very good reasons. During the last few weeks, players have noticed what appears to be a meteor going directly to the map of the game and in recent days, the situation seems to have increased with multiple meteorites now heading directly to Earth. The prominent theory is that the meteor will hit the map when the third season ends, destroying Titled Towers for something new.

In a recent interview with IGN game design leader Eric Williamson said that at this time there are no plans to create a completely new map. However, he added that Epic is happy to "evolve and make the [current] map feel fresh", going on to say "stay tuned, we have some interesting ideas". It seems it's only a matter of time before I find out what Epic's plans are for that meteor after all . ]

You've probably noticed, but the Battle Royale games are having a moment. One of the largest Battle Royale titles available in the world. moment is Fortnite Battle Royale from Epic Games.

Available for free on PC, Xbox One and PS4, Fortnite Battle Royale supports up to 100 players at once in a game, either as individual players or squads of up to four. When you start, you are thrown to an island without weapons or armor and you must look for supplies and fight for your life to be the last man or squad stopped at the end of the game.

Like most Battle Royale games, Fortnite is divided into different length matches with a map that contracts as the game progresses, forcing players to be closer.

Epic Games works actively in Fortnite Battle Royale, making changes through patches and updates. Here you can find the latest changes in the game.

What is the latest Fortnite update?

The note for the Fortnite patch 3.5 has been revealed, bringing to light new features and elements that will be added to the game shortly.

There is a new feature called Replay, which will bring cinematic elements to the game, allowing players to capture their best moments and turn them into something special with a new set of settings. You will be able to watch full games again, slow down and accelerate the action as you wish. There will also be several camera modes to choose from.

An exciting element addition is a self-assembly fort called port-a-fort. The perfect addition to the game for those who struggle with the construction of structures for defense. These items are rare, but players can carry five at a time. When thrown, a three-story fort made of wood and metal will emerge. You can see an advance for the new article below:

It has also been confirmed that there will soon be a new limited time mode. It is the version 2 of the 50 v 50 mode that will face two teams of 50 players against each other.

Outside of this, players can expect to see a variety of bug fixes, many of them focused on the new guided missile. There is also a range of optimization improvements, with Xbox One loading times reduced by 25 to 30 seconds on Xbox One and about 10 seconds on PS4.

These are the most notable changes, but you can also access the patch notes in full.

Benefits of Twitch Prime

Those who use Twitch Prime and play Fortnite will be happy to know that they now have access to the free loot. Those with a Prime account can claim the Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack that includes a large number of cosmetic items and is available on all platforms.

The package includes two gliders and exclusive sets: Havoc Outfit and Back Bling, in addition to the Sub Commander suit. and Slipstream Glider.

PS Plus subscribers can also download the free PS4 celebration package right now, which also includes an exclusive outfit and a glider.

Can I play Fortnite on my mobile?

Yes, you can! Well more or less. Fortnite will definitely come to mobile and some iOS owners can already play it, but the launch is slow and it will be a few months before it reaches Android.

Who can play Fortnite on mobile devices?

At this time, Epic is sending invitations to owners of iOS devices that have registered on the official Fortnite site. To test a server scale, these invitations are constantly being deployed before a full version. Within a few months, Android owners will be able to access the game. But at the moment, it's a selection of iOS players.

If you register on the site now, you will receive an invitation and as long as you are using iOS 11 on iPhone 6S / SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad The devices Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro or later will be fine. Oh, and you will need an Internet connection naturally.

Is it the complete game?

It's the complete Fortnite game. There are some small differences: it is not as impressive from the visual point of view as in more powerful devices, the controls are tactile and many audio signals have been visualized so that you can play comfortably in public without the need of headphones. But you will not miss any feature.

What is the problem with the cross game?

Although the owners of Xbox One and PS4 can not play together, these consoles can play with PCs and mobile devices. So, if you have friends who prefer PC, others prefer the console and you're on vacation with your mobile phone, you can still play together. As long as there is not a friend who has dared to buy a different console from the others.

There is also a cross progression. Therefore, if you have logged in to your Fortnite account in the playback of mobile devices and then log in to your console to play, everything you did on the mobile later that day is transferred.

Sounds great, how do I get it?

We have a guide on how to get Fortnite on mobile devices in TechRadar and we are constantly updating it with the latest implementation news. If your device is not there yet, keep looking and one day it probably will be.

What is the problem with the hacking of Fortnite accounts?

In recent weeks, Fortnite players have reported that their accounts have been compromised and purchases are made in their name with their money without their permission. Epic has said he is aware of the problem and suspects phishing scams instead of intricate computer hacking. Encourage all players who believe that their account has been affected to contact their support center immediately .

Before you get to that point, there are some steps you can take to keep your account secure. The first one is to read the epic account security bulletin . Next, you must make sure you have a solid original password and a two-factor login. Apart from this, be sure to monitor your transactions and act on any suspicious activity ahead of time.

What is a battle pass? [19659013] The Battle Pass is an item that can be purchased at Fortnite that gives you access to exclusive in-game rewards.

As players complete daily challenges and level up their ranks, they win battle stars that can then be used to unlock levels in their battle pass. Each new level unlocked will bring free and Premium rewards. The levels vary from season to season, but in the third season you get around 100 items in each Battle Pass, which can take between 75 and 100 hours of play to unlock.

Everyone with a Battle Pass will get the free r
eward they unlock, but only Premium Pass holders will get the Premium reward. Premium Battle Pass can only be purchased with V money in the game and not with real money.

You can buy a Combat Pass for around £ 7 / $ 10 on the Battle Pass tab of the game menu.

What's to come at Fortnite?

Fortnite is a game that is updated quite often, so, every week, you can see patches that squash mistakes or make small changes in the game to improve the quality of life.

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will soon get a playback editor. During GDC, Epic was revealed in the game's editing suite that will allow players to look back on their completed matches, capture moments and create featured reels. The editing set has a lot of settings that you can play with, including opening, exposure and focus. Epic did not say when the editor would be exactly added to the game, only that it would reach consoles and PC later this year.

It was also recently announced that jetpacks will come to the game. Apparently they will arrive soon, in fact, they were meant to be included in the last patch of the game, but they have been delayed due to some "last minute" problems.

In the long term, Epic Games has said it is planning to improve social features and limited time modes, as well as add custom matches.

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