Apple CEO Dashes Hopes of macOS-iOS Marriage

Apple will not merge macOS and iOS in the short term, despite rumors that someday it will be the case. At least, that is what emerges from an interview CEO, Tim Cook gave the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia.

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"We do not believe in a kind of dilute one for the other," Cook said. "Both [The Mac and iPad] are incredible, one of the reasons why both of them are incredible is because we are pushing them to do what they do well, and if you start merging the two … you start making concessions and compromises." [19659004] He continued: "So this merger in which some people are obsessed, I do not think that's what the users want."

In December, a Bloomberg report suggested that Apple is working on a project called Marzipan internally, which would unify the base code of macOS and iOS to run iOS applications on Mac laptops and desktops. That would prevent a merger that runs on both Mac and iPad.

In addition, a more recent report suggests that Apple could move away from Intel chips, and a CPU created by Apple could be designed to run both types of software. after all.

But for now, you will not see macOS on an iPad or iOS on a Mac, but the software itself may be the one that makes the movement between platforms.

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