One passenger dead after Southwest Airlines flight makes an emergency landing

A Southwest flight en route from New York City to Dallas made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after one of its engines exploded, destroying a window, leaving one passenger dead and wounding seven others. One passenger was almost sucked out of the plane after the explosion caused a depressurization, said the passenger's father to MSNBC. However, it is not clear if she was the passenger who finally died.

The chairman of the National Road Safety Board, Robert Sumwalt, told a news conference that the death of the passenger was the first death of a US airline in nine years. (Flight 214 of Asiana Airlines crashed in San Francisco in 2013, leaving three passengers dead)

The cab suddenly lost pressure at 30,000 feet when engine debris punctured the window and the flight attendants were crying, one passenger said in an interview with [Bloomberg .

Some passengers at Southwest 1380 posted terrifying images on Twitter after the emergency landing. The images showed an extremely damaged engine, as well as a broken window of the cabin with exposed insulation.

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