Microsoft’s new Xbox Live avatars detailed in leaked video

Microsoft has been working on its new Xbox Live avatars for at least a year, and a recently leaked video provides a much closer look at the updated system. Users of the forum in ResetEra discovered that a former Microsoft designer uploaded a video to YouTube (now deleted) that shows how the new Xbox Avatar editor works. The new avatars will allow you to fully customize your character online with new body type options, clothes and accessories. The Microsoft publisher will run on both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Microsoft offers a variety of options for avatar customization, and the company's original E3 trailer promised options for amputees, recreational costumes, wheelchairs, skateboards and motorcycles. The Xbox avatar editor allows you to customize the body, face, hair, makeup, limbs and even nails. All options include color selectors and the ability to purchase additional items from an avatar store. Microsoft will not support elements of existing avatars, since the company has created this new avatar system in the Unity engine. However, you can import your existing avatar into the new system.

Microsoft plans to integrate its Xbox Live avatars directly into the Xbox One dashboard and open a separate store for third-party developers. The creator of the software is now planning to preview these avatars for the evaluators this month, after having several delays. The new avatars were originally planned for release last fall, but Microsoft delayed the release to improve the system.

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