MacBook Pro 2018: what we want to see

Apple has a lot to live with if it decides to launch a MacBook Pro by 2018, both in terms of fan expectations and overcoming its previous efforts.

When you think about the rumors surrounding the cheapest MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook will arrive sometime in 2018, the MacBook Pro can not be that far away. Especially if we consider that it has been almost two years since the MacBook Pro was updated with Thunderbolt 3 and OLED Touch Bar, Apple has also had plenty of time to use the hardware.

So, what do we know? about the 2018 MacBook Pro, and what new features we hope you have? We can not say that we have official information, but we can use our experience of Apple to use it and make some guesses based on previous releases and what we have heard through the vid. In addition, we can list what we want to see if a new MacBook Pro is published in 2018.

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as well as current models

  MacBook Pro 2018

MacBook Pro 2018 release date

The current flood of rumors and leaks, unfortunately, gives no exact indication of when the release date of the MacBook will be Pro 2018. However, that does not mean we can not speculate about previous versions of MacBook Pro.

Looking back on 2017, Apple surprised us with a release of MacBook Pro in June, almost immediately after its Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC) that year. . The reason for the surprise is how close this publication was after the previous one.

We would not expect the price of the MacBook Pro to change year after year.

The previous year than in October 2016, Apple released the first MacBook Pro to get a major redesign, which saw the debut of the Touch Bar and the T1 coprocessor that drives it.

Prior to that, the MacBook Pro received partial updates since the last major revision of 2012, also released just after Apple's June WWDC that year.

That leaves us with the most likely launch window for the MacBook Pro 2018 in June, probably right after an announcement for WWDC 2018. That would make it an appropriate annual release, and it would give Apple enough time to board thoroughly the problems that have persisted in its MacBook Pro line since the 2016 model.

If Apple loses that date, the next probable debut window is the end of 2018, most probably before November and, therefore, , before Christmas and Christmas shopping. We will look for new rumors and update this article as soon as the release date of the MacBook Pro 2018 begins to clear up.

  MacBook Pro 2018

Price of MacBook Pro 2018

Again, none of the rumors or leaks regarding a MacBook Pro so far have made any mention of the possible prices, but this is not terribly surprising. Those bits of information do not tend to diminish until we approach an expected release date.

That said, we would not expect the price of the MacBook Pro to change year after year. Apple has already reached a good price point for its various MacBook Pro models, from $ 1,299, £ 1,249 or AU $ 1,899, for one without the Touch Bar.

You can probably bet Apple to double its coprocessor strategy this year .

From there, buying a Touch Bar model will increase the price to $ 1,799, £ 1,749 or AU $ 2,699. Of course, 15-inch models (all with Touch Bar) further increase the price.

If prices change this year, we're betting that Apple would simply leave room for that rumored to be 13-inch, entry-level MacBook by uploading the hardware inside the low-end MacBook Pro and uploading the price. Otherwise, Apple could simply remove the Touch Bar-free model and book the nickname & # 39; Pro & # 39; for laptops with the Touch Bar.

We will look for new rumors and update this article as soon as the price of the MacBook Pro 2018 begins to become clearer.

  MacBook Pro 2018

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  MacBook Pro 2018

What we want to see in MacBook Pro 2018

Of course, this lack of any really substantial information about the Next MacBook Pro 2018 gives us a lot of space to draw up a wish list.

So, this is what we want to see from a MacBook Pro for 2018.

Longer battery life

have always been remarkable for their durable power, but the MacBook Pro has had trouble maintaining that standard in recent years. For example, the latest model of MacBook Pro lasted only 6 hours and 37 minutes. That is far from the models of previous years and Apple's 10-hour demand.

Therefore, we would like to see the rumored performance improvements of the next macOS along with an expansion of the coprocessor design within the MacBook Pro giving your battery the boost it desperately needs.

More power in all models

With the start of Intel processors with onboard AMD graphics, we believe this is the perfect opportunity for small MacBook Pro models to gain a power boost. For too long, the 13-inch MacBook Pro models have been relegated to Intel's integrated graphics, which does not do much to back up that nickname "Pro".

When working with AMD and Intel, it is easy to theorize that the next MacBook Pro could improve the processing of videos and photographs more easily with AMD Vega graphics on board. Better yet, such a processor could be able to better handle the sharpest screen resolutions with less battery consumption.

More ports and a new MagSafe charger

These are certainly "pie in the sky" requests, but the Apple MagSafe power adapter was wanted for a reason, and charging via USB-C is a bad replacement for him. It's hard to believe that there is no room for such a dedicated port, and it really can be a laptop (and a person!) Lifeguards.

Also, the switch to Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports has disappeared. people still use SD cards in a lurch. The next MacBook Pro would do well to avoid pushing the industry too much, too fast, especially when such a quick change may not be necessary.

If Apple made these two wishes come true, the MacBook Pro would be in a fantastic position.

A Better Keyboard

Unexpectedly, when the MacBook Pro was upgraded in 2016, we did not hate its implementation of Apple's butterfly key-operated switches. The keyboard was a big step forward from what was then the 12-inch MacBook, which would present more touch inputs despite having the same number of trips.

This was a design decision that inspired the MacBook 2017. It is not clear how the keyboard of the MacBook Pro could be further improved, although the "sticky" keys have been a problem for the professional Cupertino laptop.

However, there is a rumor that the technology giant based in Cupertino is considering the implementation of a touch screen virtual keyboard with haptic feedback. Who knows if this could reach the MacBook Pro 2018, but it would solve some of the problems of the adhesive keys.

Apple has also addressed some concerns about the keyboard with a recently filed patent that describes some kind of "structure of guard". to help prevent crumbs and spills from sneaking under the keys. If it really comes to fruition, we would appreciate that we no longer have to worry about anything happening when we press the space bar.

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