Apple WWDC 2018: what we want to see

The great Apple WWDC 2018 is June 4, and that means new software updates and maybe several expired hardware surprises are much closer today.

For developers, WWDC offers the opportunity to get an idea of ​​what they will be working on next year so they can start planning. For everyone else, it's a look at the refinements of the interface and the exciting new devices before the sequel to the iPhone X.

Last year's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) saw the announcement of the HomePod as well as the new iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 10.5. This was also when Apple unveiled iOS 11 and watchOS 4.

For WWDC 2018, we expect a rank update. Read on to learn all that has been anticipated this year and check back for updates as we learn more about Apple's official rumors and news.

iOS 12 reveals

Apple WWDC 2018 is the next big event in the Cupertino company calendar and it will be the first time we see the features of iOS 12, among other software advances.

See the latest update of the mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad makes sense for the WWDC: most of the attendees are software developers. But what we will see will suddenly be a great mystery in 2018.

iOS 12 w to s due to an intriguing redesign of the home screen and settings in basic applications such as Mail, Camera and Photos, but it says it has been shelved in favor of stability improvements. Yes, iOS 12 could be less exciting due to its focus on security and performance, probably due to the amount of iOS 11 issues that have occurred.

It will still have some new features, including the continued push for Apple's Augmented Reality (AR) ambitions and still shallow health application. Parental controls will probably also be at the center of attention, especially after recent concerns about addiction to children's phones.

With security and performance assuming the lead roles in iOS 12, we can see that the company drives other more interesting features for iOS 13, such as a paid subscription to a premium version of Apple News, in 2019.

apple wwdc 2018 what we want to see

submission of watchOS 5

The Apple Watch 3 just came out a few months ago with a focus on the LTE model and running, but it should take its well-being – functions further stratified in 2018.

That's why watchOS 5 and WWDC They can be the right update and place to show a possible sleep tracking function for the smart watch. After all, Apple bought Beddit in May of last year. We also expect to see more customizations in the Control Center, new watch faces and software that leaves room for an always-active watch face on the Apple Watch 4.

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A more economical iPhone X

A new iPhone X, or an iPhone XI, with a lower price could be a remote possibility for WWDC. Apple is likely to keep all the phones revealed by September, when it historically releases new iPhones. That said, any new feature that Apple mentions for iOS 12 could give us clues about what it is planning for future phones.

The latest rumors suggest that two models of the iPhone XI will come this year. One is expected to have an extra-large 6.46-inch screen, while the other has a 5.85-inch screen, both OLED screens. Neither is expected to be cheap, and it has been suggested that they can move from Qualcomm modems to Intel modems.

Regarding the rumors of a cheaper iPhone X, rumors have circulated about a version that lacks 3D Touch and the use of a cheaper LCD screen could be the cheapest iPhone X, but we probably wait a few months after the WWDC to find out.

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The finally redesigned Mac Pro:

We've known that a redesigned Mac Pro will come with time, and Apple even reminded everyone when it said the following in a press release:

"In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a completely redesigned Mac Pro designed for professional customers who need the highest performance and highest performance system in a modular and upgradeable design, as well as a new high-end, pro-display model. "

a long wait, but a Mac 2018 could finally make its debut at WWDC. The conference has introduced updates to Apple's line of computers in the past, and what better group to promote a new and powerful desktop than a group of developers. The new Mac Pro can also be one of the computers installed with the new custom coprocessors from Apple.

New Apple screen compatible

With the redesigned Mac Pro expected, WWDC would also be perfect It's time for Apple to reveal that "new high-end professional screen" that you mentioned. Anyone looking for the new Mac Pro will look for a quality screen to use with it, but the LG 5K monitor that Apple currently sells may look dated to June. Apple is much more likely to reveal the new screen. 8K maybe?

1524031012 729 apple wwdc 2018 what we want to see

New MacBooks and Mac mini?

While Apple is updating its computer line, new MacBooks and an updated Mac Mini can be revealed for the last time. MacBooks can only get minor updates, with updates to some of the internal parts and an increase in the maximum RAM allowed. Up-to-date MacBooks can also come with the new coprocessors that are expected to appear on a new Mac Pro.

The new MacBook could also come with advance support for iOS applications on macOS. It is expected that the prices will be aligned with the prices of the MacBook line that it would replace, and we believe that it could arrive as early as April. A new MacBook Air can be attached, while Apple announces new computers.

The hope is that the Mac Mini will finally see an update too. It has been more than three years since Apple last updated the Mac Mini, and it will be closer to four years when the WWDC begins.

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of global marketing, mentioned it last year, saying "The Mac mini is an important product in our line," but he did not suggest that an update be imminent. Similarly, MacRumors reported in October that a reader received an email from Tim Cook saying: "Although it is not time to share any details, we plan to make Mac mini an important part of our product line in the future." the same, the small and affordable desktop option still runs on Intel Haswell processors (which are a few generations old) and at least as valid for an upgrade as any other computer mentioned here.

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New suggestions for iPad Pro 2018? [19659006] There is likely to be news of iPad Pro 3 this year, even if the next tablet does not really get the name of iPad Pro 3. The latest update of the iPad Pro came in June 2017, so an update on WWDC doesn & # 39; It looks like a complete stretch.

Rumors suggest that it will come in 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch varieties, include Face ID, a TrueDepth camera and have a non-bezel design inspired by the iPhone X. With any luck, Apple will also take steps to make the New iPad Pro in 2018, more laptop replacement than the previous models have managed to be. But, the latest rumors seem to point to a separate release of the WWDC. Instead, we can get a different iPad update.

We're already on a new entry level 2018 iPad with a 9.7-inch screen, one that's ideal for schools. It's time for the iPad Pro-level to get its update this year.

1524031012 652 apple wwdc 2018 what we want to see

Get ready for Apple TV content

The news about Apple's momentum in the original TV content has increased, and WWDC 2018 can be when we have more information. In WWDC last year, Apple did not talk much about His television programming plans simply revealed the addition of Amazon Prime Video to his Apple TV application offerings. But, with the original content on the way, there might be a little more to talk about this year.

Apple has already started playing with original content, with Carpool Karaoke as an example. And it has also allocated more than $ 1 billion to the original programming, with its first efforts for its release as early as March 2019.

What kind of content can create more than one billion dollars? Well, it can involve Steven Spielberg and Bryan Fuller (of the American Gods of Starz), and it has the producers of Breaking Bad Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg on board. Deadline recently reported Apple's plans for a new animated series called "Central Park". with some star power behind her.

While Apple is busy highlighting other great things that come with WWDC 2018, why not complete it with new and exciting television show presentations, even if they are nine months away?

Stay tuned as we update our expectations for WWDC 2018 with more Apple news and rumors as we listen to them.

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