Amazon made an efficient Android browser called Internet, and it’s now available in India

Amazon now has an Android web browser application designed to use minimal data and storage. It's called … Internet. The application has been installed without registration in the Google Play app store since March. Amazon has not publicly announced its release, which was reported by TechCrunch . Currently it is only available for users located in India and runs on Android 5.0 and higher devices.

The application offers a web browser that supports private tabs that do not save the browser history and has a main page that shows cricket news and more general information holders for its users.

Internet is reminiscent of Facebook Lite, YouTube Go or Gmail Go, all applications that companies launched as thinner versions of the original mobile versions. They offer the same basic functions as full applications, but they generally take up less space and are optimized for irregular network connections. As the technological giants of EE. UU They are expanding and observing a growing adoption by users in developed countries, also seeking opportunities to reach emerging markets that may not yet have access to high-speed Internet. We have communicated with Amazon to obtain more information.