YouTube CEO addresses demonetization, ignores frustrated small creators

YouTube executive director Susan Wojcicki announced on a blog today that YouTube will launch a pilot program with a small group of users in an attempt to address and improve the continuing concerns of its creators regarding demonetization and other changes recent, largely unpopular. YouTube Partner Program

In the publication, which was largely an update last year and in particular in recent months, Wojcicki acknowledged the frustrations of many content creators who have expressed their concerns, saying that the last two weeks have been "challenging. "and that YouTube" promised to communicate more with all of you ", while proclaiming that" channels that earn five figures a year grew more than 35 percent, while channels that earn six figures a year grew more than 40 percent " .

people who are already doing great on YouTube, and less so for people who have had to deal with stricter eligibility rules to monetize content on YouTube. "Although we know that some creators found this change frustrating, it strengthened the trust of advertisers, strengthening monetization and the wider YouTube community for creators to build their businesses on the platform," says Wojcicki.

The publication, which articulates "an update of [YouTube’s] 2018 priorities," says that the platform wants to provide more opportunities for creators to interact with fans and address abuse, stating that "YouTube is an incredible force for good , particularly when it comes to education. "

Wojcicki also announced the imminent release of a YouTube pilot program designed to address complaints about its annoying upload algorithm, which users say has mis-demonetized the friendly videos. It will be launched "with a small group of creators to test a new video upload stream that will ask creators to provide specific information about what their videos contain in relation to our favorable advertiser guidelines":

ideal world, we "Eventually we will reach a state in which the creators of the platform can accurately represent what is in their videos so that their ideas, combined with our algorithmic classifiers and human reviewers, make the monetization process a lot more fluid with fewer false positive demosetches 19659007] Not all YouTube creators were receptive to this response to many of their perennial concerns.

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