Telstra goes from zero to hero, is now the best Aussie ISP for Netflixing

Despite being the largest telecommunications company in Australia, Telstra did not qualify too well in the Netflix ISP speed index rankings launched last year. Actually, it's a euphemism: Telstra was last in March 2017, only reaching the rest of the package that same year in September.

Fortunately, the Australian telecommunications giant has completely changed things in 2018, with an upward trajectory that has seen it move from the last place to the leader of the pack, beating the competition to become the new king of Netflix broadcasting to the bottom.

Below you will find the official Netflix ISP classification as of March 2018, showing Telstra in the lead, followed by Exetel in second place and Optus in third.

As you can see in the graph above, Netflix ISP speed index results record the average download speeds achieved during peak hours, as well as the types of connection services offered for each provider.

Below you will find another graph that clearly shows the progression that Telstra has made over the past year, while showing how the other ISPs have improved during the same period.

In other words, it's good news for Telstra and its customers, as they can now be happy to know they have access to the best Netflix transmissions currently in Australia.

It will be interesting to see if Telstra will be able to hold onto this momentum and remain in first place for the rest of the year. Only time will tell …

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