Aussies are opting for faster NBN plans, but complaints are also on the rise

The number of Australians opting for the higher NBN velocity levels is increasing, according to the report of the NBN Co of March 1958.

More than one million establishments have subscribed to high-speed broadband only in the last four months. That equates to 37% of households and businesses now with the NBN50 option, compared to only 16% this time last year.

NBN Co states that this increase is due to lower retail prices that allowed resellers (RSP) to buy more bandwidth. Another round of wholesale packages will be available for PSRs in May, which could lead to better offers for the end user.

But, although price cuts have facilitated high-speed Internet access, congestion is also increasing during peak hours.

From the book of complaints

While the congestion was lower in February, that changed in March. According to the report, the average network congestion now stands at 415 minutes per week, compared to the average February average of 12 minutes per week.

However, that is not the only problem facing the NBN. The number of complaints about national broadband service increased more than 200% in the last six months of 2017, according to a report presented by the telecommunications industry ombudsman (TIO).

The report states that 22,827 complaints were filed between July and December 2017 – 14,055 were on quality of service and 8,757 on delays in obtaining an NBN connection.

However, NBN Co quickly points out that the number of complaints decreased by 16% in the last months of 2017.

The Australian The Association of Communications and Media (ACMA) is working to reach a ] effective way to handle complaints related to the NBN but the plan has not yet been launched.

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