The revamped Nokia 6 is now available in the US

The Nokia 6 received a set-up and a new coat of paint for 2018, and is now available in the US. UU Through Amazon and Best Buy.

Substituting the 2017 model, which is still available through the Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program for $ 199, the most recent version brings several additions and improvements in the hope of justifying its cost increase of $ 269.

Speaking of its design, it boasts a higher proportion of the screen to the body for more cinematic look. Your fingerprint sensor, previously located on the front, has moved to the back below the centrally located camera system. In general, it has a higher quality construction with bronze details around its molding.

Supports a fast charge through its USB-C port and, speaking of fast, and the Snapdragon 630 should give an appreciable boost on the model 2017 Snapdragon 430.

Low-end is the new curved glass range high

USB-C, a seemingly competent camera. Quite frankly, it is amazing that this has become the market for cheap phones. Nokia, at the beginning of its efforts to reactivate its brand, is making a charge in the US market with its phones.

This phone also has Android Oreo at launch, and is likely to receive the update to Android P. It is not known if Amazon links this phone with its Prime Exclusive program, but would undoubtedly give other competing phones a race for your money.

Via The Verge

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