The best cheap TV deals for April 2018 – 4K TVs for less

The April rains bring the flowers of May, but they also bring great cheap TV offers. We have combed through the most reliable retailers to find the best bargains, and this time we have found prices on par with Black Friday prices.

Select the highlights this week include a 55-inch 4K TV for just $ 250 and offers included with gift cards. If you are looking for something a little more impressive, we have discovered some excellent prices on OLED TVs and XL TVs.

See below our carefully selected selection of offers. We have divided them into different size categories immediately after our choice of television offer of the week. Towards the bottom of the page, you will also find our favorite HDTV (model no 4K), although these days you really do not have to pay much more to get an ultra HD game instead.

If you want a small TV with a price tag to combine or functions like HDR, IPS or a curved screen, we have found many options. Keep reading to find the TV you are looking for at an incredible price!

4K Cheap Price per Week from TechRadar

55 Inch Scepter U550CV-U 4K TV | Now $ 249.99 | Walmart
If you were surprised by the low price of last week for this TV, it was even better; it has now dropped another $ 30. We would never expect to see a 4K 55 "TV for this price out of a Black Friday opening success, but here it is, you will not get features like Smart TV or HDR, but if you are looking for a basic medium size TV as entry to 4k, this is an economical option At this price, what do you have to lose?

Cheap TV offers (40 to 49 inches):

[19659002] Scepter U500CV-U 4K 49-inch TV | Now $ 209.99 | Walmart
Looking for a medium-sized set that does not break the bank? This 49-inch TV does not have a lot of bells and whistles to raise the price, but only $ 210, who needs them? That's $ 40 less than last week and a really incredible price for a 4K TV of this size, it's also a good choice for those who try 4K waters for the first time.
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Offers TV Commercials (50 to 59 inches):

Vizio P55-E1 55 "4K Smart Home Theater Display for $ 799.99 on Jet
Wit h Local attenuation and Dolby Vision HDR, this Vizio offers an excellent image at an excellent price. It does not have a tuner, but it has a built-in Chromecast for all your streaming needs. Even better, it's less than some stores charge for a renovation and about $ 170 less than what you'll pay for a new one elsewhere.

Walmart sells for the same price. See offer

Samsung QN55Q8C Smart TV 4K 55-inch curve for $ 1,299 on eBay BuyDig
A curved set like this will provide an experience of immersive television, while Samsung's quantum dot technology will help render excellent image quality. Add Smart TV capabilities, and you'll have everything you need to enjoy excellent viewing at home. Even better, you can get it now for less than half the price charged by other stores.See offer

Cheap TV deals (60-85 inches):

Scepter U650CV-U 65-inch 4K TV | Now $ 449.99 | Walmart
If you want to live big, but do not want to spend the money, here is a cheap 4K TV of 65. In fact, this is the best price you will find on a 65 "4K TV. It does not come with many functions, but if you give priority to size, this is the TV for you.
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Scepter U750CV-U 75-inch 4K TV | Now $ 999.99 | Walmart
If size is of the utmost importance, but you do not want an equally large price tag, here is an affordable 75-inch option. At this price, you will not get many functions, but you will get many square inches. Walmart is selling this 75-inch game for $ 800 off. See offer

Today you did not find the right economic TV for you? Or maybe you prefer to surf directly through the TVs in your favorite stores instead of our best moments of the best cheap TV deals. We are updating this page on a regular basis, so it is better to look for another day. If you want to take a look for yourself now, here are the direct links to the complete collection of TV offers in various stores.

The best HD television offer

Scepter X505BV-F 50-inch HD TV | Now $ 199.99 | Walmart
We realize that not everyone can need or want a 4K TV, and a 1080p TV is more than capable of offering an amazing image. This 50-inch TV costs only $ 200, making it very easy for your pocket.

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