Best free iPad games 2018

So you have an iPad, but you've realized that you do not have money to buy any games.

Do not fear, because the App Store offers a lot of goodness in iPad games. for the skinflint (involuntary or not).

  • You have not bought an iPad yet and you are not sure which is the best? We have included them in our best iPad ranking, or you can consult the best list of tablets to see the full range available now.

Here you will find an updated list of the best free iPad games.

New this week: Mekorama

Mekorama is a game of road search puzzles where you help a small doddering robot to reach its goal. There are 50 handmade diorama levels in all, which rotates with one finger. Next, touch to make the robot go to a particular place.

The pace is slow, but the game is charming and relaxing instead of boring. Wisely, it always provides you with several levels to deal with in case you get stuck in one, and new dangers and ideas appear regularly, like sections of buildings that move, and patrol robots that can help or hinder.

Works particularly well on iPad, largely because the larger screen makes it easier to see what happens when you look into the corners and crevices of a complex structure, but the real prize is a level designer. There is a great margin for long-term play through the ability to download levels and create yours.

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