The best GoPro and action cameras in 2018

Action cameras do not look like any other type of camera. They are designed to fit helmets, surfboards, cars and other objects, and are small, rugged and easy to use, with a lens that captures the world in high definition video and in a large perspective fish eye.

Their small size and dramatic POV (& # 39; viewpoint & # 39;) images has made them popular among extreme sports participants, who capture their adventures by attaching cameras to themselves or their team. They are also used by TV production companies where it would be impossible to use a normal video camera.

GoPro is the market leader with its iconic Hero-shaped box cameras, but action cameras also come in a "bullet" style, like the iON Air Pro. There are many options now, and not only should you buy in the brand: think about what you want from an action camera and how you plan to use it.

If you mount the helmet, then a bullet chamber will probably be the best choice For a chest mount, the design of a box will be more stable. And when it comes to features, do you really need Wi-Fi, 4K, GPS or even a screen? All this increases the price, and while they are invaluable in some situations, you can still get excellent images without them.

1. GoPro Hero6 Black

The best in the business simply improves

Weight: 118g | Waterproof: 10m | Video 4K: Up to 60 fps | 1080: up to 240 fps | 720: up to 240 fps | Resolution of attachments: 12MP | Battery life: 1-3 hrs est

Refined design

Great image quality

Touch screen to use


Although it may seem like a minor update to Hero5 Black on the outside, a lot has changed inside. The Hero6 Black has a new GP1 processing engine, which allows it to record high-quality 4K shots at 60 fps. Other highlights include an improved image stabilization system, while the Hero6 Black offers a wider dynamic range and better performance in low light than the Hero5 Black. Water resistant to 10 meters, the Hero6 Black has a useful 2-inch touch screen, voice commands and an updated QuikStories application that automatically transfers and edits the footage for you. If you want the best action camera, this is it.

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1523826674 20 the best gopro and action cameras in 2018

2. GoPro Hero5 Black

If you do not need the latest and the best, this is still a good buy

Weight: 118g | Waterproof: 10m | Video 4K: up to 30 fps | 1080: up to 120 fps | 720: up to 240 fps | Resolution of attachments: 12MP | Battery life: 1-3 hrs est

Voice activated controls

Excellent amount of 4K

Touch screen to use

Few included accessories

May have been eclipsed for the new Black Hero6, but the Hero5 Black still has a lot to offer. By recording 4K shots of up to 30 fps, the video sequences are incredibly smooth, while the ability to take pictures in plain format provides even more flexibility. Water resistant to 10 meters without the need for a protective case, it is also easy to use, while the addition of a rear touch screen, voice control and GPS make it one of the most feature-enabled cameras currently available.

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1523826674 505 the best gopro and action cameras in 2018

3. TomTom Bandit

Shake-to-edit functions can tempt GoPro users

Weight: 190g | Waterproof: Splash-proof, with lens exchange | video 4K: 15 fps | 1080: up to 60 fps | 720: up to 120 fps | Resolution of attachments: 16MP | Battery life: 3 hrs

Intelligent editing functions

Easy to assemble and fit

Heavy compared to the competition

Requires a waterproof lens change [19659002] Bullet-shaped cams may have fallen out Recently outmoded thanks to GoPro and its box-shaped cameras, but TomTom Bandit defies the trend. In fact, Bandit includes features that other manufacturers should follow if they want to keep up with this newcomer. Taking years of experience in GPS, TomTom has incorporated a series of sensors that not only record the location but also the speed and force G, so that when these sensors detect that something exciting happened, they automatically label the footage. Back in the pub and with the application open and connected, a quick movement of your phone and the application will automatically edit your footage ready to load. It really could not be easier.

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Olymous TG-Tracker

4. Olympus TG-Tracker

The next generation of sensor-enabled action cameras has arrived

Weight: 180g | Waterproof: 30m | Video 4K: 30 fps | 1080: up to 60 fps | 720: up to 240 fps | Resolution of attachments: 7.2MP | Battery life: 3 hrs

With sensors

Easy to use

Weighed compared to the competition

Without automatic edition of the application

The fut
uristic design of the TG -Tracker is hard to lose with an ultra-wide 204-degree lens versus a 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS sensor. The main video resolutions include 4k at 30 fps, 1080p at 60 fps and an impressive 240 fps at 720p to capture in slow motion. This is an action camera ready for anything and even has a small built-in LED video light. The sensors are great news for the Tracker with GPS, compass, acceleration sensors plus a barometer and thermometer that capture all the data from inside the compact box. The intelligence of these can be shown when viewing the footage or video editing so you can show how extreme it is. In addition, it is water resistant up to 30 m, has built-in stabilizer and can withstand temperatures down to -10 C.

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5. YI 4K action camera

4K action camera at low price

Weight: 94g | Waterproof: N / A (optional box available) | Video 4K: 30 fps | 1080: up to 120 fps | 720: up to 240 fps | Resolution of attachments: 12MP | Battery life: Up to 2 hours

Detailed images 4K

Touch screen larger than GoPro

Without voice activated controls

Too easy to activate and deactivate

How often do you take an action camera underwater? Most people will never do it, so, in a certain sense, the YI 4K ActionCam tries to reduce the corners, but what it leaves out – GPS, voice control, automatic loading and raw shots – are not essential features. In fact, it gives everything that is needed, with a large and sensitive touch screen, a large battery and fast file transfers. It may lack some subtleties, and we would include correction for lens distortion and stabilization of the image on that list, but the YI 4K Action Cam is still a great addition to any adventurer's backpack.

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1523826674 444 the best gopro and action cameras in 2018

6. Sony FDR-X3000R

Action camera with live remote display

Weight: 114g | Waterproof: 60m (box included) | Video 4K: 30 fps | 1080: up to 60 fps | 720: up to 120 fps | Resolution of attachments: 8.2MP | Battery life: 1-2hrs

Image stabilization

Remote monitoring


Live View downloads

All action cameras now promise 4K at 30 fps , but the effort of Sony is much more than just resolution and frame rate. The tiny claim of the FDR-X3000R is the Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization (B.O.SS), which works in all resolutions and recording modes. It also includes an underwater housing, a rarity in the action camera market, and comes with a portable remote control, a gadget the size of a smart watch that allows you to operate the FDR-X3000R from afar and see your images in real time . .

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Garmin Virb XE

7. Garmin Virb XE

Capture your action, speed and location at the same time

Weight: 152g | Waterproof: 50m | video 4K: No | 1080: up to 60 fps | 720: up to 120 fps | Resolution of attachments: 12Mp | Battery life: 2 hrs

GPS and other motion sensors

Water resistant without additional suitcase

Voluminous compared to the competition

Less suitable for vehicle assembly [19659002] The original Garmin Virb introduced motion sensors and GPS tracking to action cameras, adding an extra element to capture the action, such as the TomTom Bandit. Based on the solid base of the original Virb, Garmin has revisited the design, losing the bullet shape and remodeling the camera around the popular style "box". This new shape makes the assembly on the chest much easier and, as with the original, the construction quality is excellent. The XE offers higher video quality, is waterproof without an additional cover, has Wi-Fi along with compatible applications and software, all this makes Virb XE one of the best action cameras today.

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Session GoPro Hero4

8. GoPro Hero5 Session

Back to basics box-shaped action camera

Weight: 74g | Waterproof: 10m | 4K video: 30/25 / 24fps | 1080: up to 90 fps | 720: up to 120 fps | Resolution of attachments: 10MP | Battery life: 1.5-2hrs est

Compact design

Single-button control

Application required to adjust settings

Without display

The Hero5 session follows from the Hero4 session, reducing the action camera concept to its basic concepts, but sharing many of the same specifications as the Hero5 Black. That includes 4K video capture up to 30 fps, image stabilization, voice control and is water resistant up to 10 m. The large Record button at the top starts and stops the recording, so there is no need to worry about the different modes and options, all this is handled by the application (although it does have a simple menu system if you wish). Go back to the basics, but still capture the quality of the video you'd expect from GoPro.

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1523826675 207 the best gopro and action cameras in 2018

9. SJCAM SJ7 Star

Another 4K action camera plus to shake GoPro

Weight: 58g | Waterproof: 30m (box included) | Video 4K: 30 fps | 1080: up to 120 fps | 720: up to 120 fps | Resolution of attachments: 12MP | Battery life: 1-2 hrs

4K impeccable images at 30 fps

Rear touch screen

Without 4K image stabilization

Barrel distortion spoils stills

The SJCAM SJ7 offers some good … looking for images, especially when recording in 4K. However, this economic rival GoPro Hero5 does not feature the kind of professional features that offers the biggest name in the action camera game, such as voice activation, GPS and the ability to make video clips quickly and easily through a smart phone application. If you want an action camera that offers strong footage at a fraction of the price, then it's worth looking at the SJCAM SJ7 Star.

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