Here are some awesome signs from the second March for Science

For the second consecutive year, people from all over the world came together to express their support for science. Although the second March for Science did not have as much attendance as last year, according to CNN there were more than 200 demonstrations around the world, from cities across the United States to Europe, from India to Africa.

The first March for Science, which took place last April, was organized as the scientific community became increasingly preoccupied with White House anti-scientific positions, such as imposing gag orders on scientists of government, meet with antivalores and propose a deep budget cuts for scientific research. More than a year after the presidency of Donald Trump, things have not improved. Trump continues to deny that climate change is real. Meanwhile, his administration is trying to roll back regulations to address global warming and reduce pollution, as well as expand oil and gas extraction on public lands and marine areas.

The march is not partisan, according to its organizers; Its goal is to advocate for science-based policies, increase diversity within the scientific community and involve the public. But as it was last year, some signs were definitely partisan. Some presented to Trump and a call to fire Scott Pruitt the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency, who denied that humans cause climate change and whose tenure has been spoiled by scandals of ethics. [19659004] Here is a summary of our favorite posters, including several that were captured by Zahra Hirji who covered the march of BuzzFeed .

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