Apple Watch vs Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch 3: which is the best for you?

Putting an Apple Watch in 2018 is a bit more tempting due to new offers, new features, the watchOS 4 update and a larger number of applications. It's a fantastic series of smart watches, as long as you wait for a convenience device linked to the iPhone, not a piece of technology that changes your life.

Why? It's our best list of smart watches, but smart watches do not change the game nor are they as revolutionary as smartphones ten years ago. They are just an incredible daily complement; truly an accessory.

Apple never ended up calling this the & # 39; iWatch & # 39 ;, but it really is "my watch" and together with the Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3 is The most personal and customizable gadget from Apple so far.

We've put together the guide below to talk about the differences between Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3, as well as the decisions you should make about style, software and much more.

There are more than 71 flavors, with different box materials, colors, sizes and interchangeable bands Apple Watch too, so there are many difficult decisions to make.

What models of Apple Watch are there?

The best thing is to think about the Apple Watch in four different generations, until now. There was an original device that was released under the name of Apple Watch in April 2015, but you will have trouble finding retailers that sell this device now and probably can only get it second-hand.

It was replaced by Apple Watch Series 1 in September 2016, which is basically the same device but with Bluetooth 4.2 technology and a faster dual-core chipset. The original Apple Watch is now known as Series 0, but you probably should not worry if you buy a new watch, as it is hard to find.

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The original Apple Watch (now sometimes called the 0 Series)

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  The Apple Watch (sometimes called Series 1)

The Apple Watch (sometimes called Series 1)

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  Apple Watch 2 (sometimes called Series 2)

Apple Watch 2 (sometimes called the 2 Series) called Series 2)

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  The Apple Watch 3 (sometimes called Series 3)

The Apple Watch 3 (sometimes called Series 3)

The Apple Watch Series 1 is easy to find out since Apple is still selling it, like the third -party retailers.

Next to the Series 1, Apple announced the Watch Series 2 (which we refer to as Apple Watch 2 to simplify things a bit). This brought new technology such as integrated GPS and water resistance and a slightly larger battery.

Apple is no longer selling Watch Series 2, but you can buy this in a variety of third-party stores.

The third and most recent generation of the wearable device is the Apple Watch 3. It comes with LTE technology (if desired), as well as a variety of new fitness features and improved GPS.

Apple Watch price comparison

In large part, the price for Apple Watch works according to the age of the product. If you want the Apple Watch Series 1, you can find it for much less money than the Apple Watch 3.

Below is a live widget that will show you the latest offers for the three versions of the Apple Watch if you want to see the exact price in this moment. Note that you can also get the Apple Watch 3 in a contract due to the LTE features, and you can not do that for the other two devices.

Apple Watch vs. Apple Watch 2 vs. Apple Watch 3

  • Original Apple Watch is cheaper, but it is very hard to find
  • Apple Watch Series 1 is faster, but it lacks Watch 2 features
  • Apple Watch 2 has GPS, a brighter screen and waterproof
  • Apple Watch 3 has a faster chipset and optional LTE

You can not buy the original Apple Watch easily, so here we will analyze the differences Among the watches known as Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3.


So far, the Apple Watch series has been very similar in terms of design. There are some small changes, including a small red dot on the crown of the Apple Watch 3 and a slightly thinner body, but in general each watch looks the same.

Only Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3 are waterproof, so do not try to carry the original watch in the pool with you.


All generations of Apple Watch have square screens, but the technology used is different. The Apple Watch presented a Retina OLED screen with Force Touch at 450 nits, while the two later models have an improved technology that works at 1000 nits.


You do not need a lot of power in the Apple Watch, but every passing generation has been a bit more agile. The Series 1 presents an Apple S1P system on one chip, while the Series 2 and Series 3 have an S2 and S3 respectively.

Each watch has presented 512MB of RAM, in addition to Apple Watch 3, which has 768MB.


All versions of Apple Watch include a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor. However, Apple Watch 3 was the first time the device sported an Altimeter.

For GPS, you'll get it in the Apple Watch 2 and an improved version of the technology, including Galileo and QZSS features, is in the third iteration. Both Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 3 have swim modes.


The battery life of the Apple Watch has remained virtually unchanged. If you choose the 38mm version, it has a smaller battery than the 42mm one, but that is mainly due to the difference in screen size, since you need a larger battery to power a larger screen during the same amount of time.


Each version of the watch has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, but Apple Watch 3 is the only one that has a cellular option. This means that you can use an optional eSIM to connect while on the move.

What iPhone do you need to use an Apple watch?

Unlike Google's operating system wear devices, the Apple watch only works with one type of phone. You will need to have at least an iPhone 5 with iOS 10 or later in order to use an Apple Watch or an Apple Watch 2.

If you want an Apple Watch 3, you will need to have at least one iPhone 5S running the iOS 11 software for the non-version. LTE or an iPhone 6 to be able to use the LTE variant.

Colors and sizes of Apple Watch

All Apple Watch models come in 38mm or 42mm versions. Some color options are limited to certain size watches, but our simple advice is to go to the 42mm version if you want a bigger watch with a larger screen and do not mind spending a little more.

It's hard to get the size difference here, but if you're not sure of its size, it's worth trying each one in the store to be sure. Below we have two examples of 38 mm and 42 mm sitting side by side.

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  38 mm Apple Watch 3 on the left, 42 mm on the right

38 mm Apple Watch 3 on the left, 42 mm on the right

Picture 2 of 2 [19659010] 38 mm Apple Watch 3 on the left, 42 mm on the right ” class=” lazy-image lazy-image-loading lazyload optional-image” onerror=”this.parentNode.replaceChild(window.missingImage(),this)” sizes=”auto” data-normal=”” data-src=”” data-srcset=” 320w, 650w” data-sizes=”auto” data-original-mos=”” data-pin-media=””/>

38 mm Apple Watch 3 on the left, 42 mm on the right

You also have to choose the color of your watch and the material you want that is done. The Apple Watch 3 comes in gold, gray or silver if you want it to be made of aluminum, and there is silver or black in the space if you want it in stainless steel.

White and gray are also color options if you choose the ceramic version of Apple Watch 3, but these are much more expensive and are called Apple Watch Series 3 Edition.

There's also the Apple Watch Nike +, which is the same device as the Apple Watch 3 but comes with exclusive face watches, the preloaded Nike + Run Club app and a selection of many Nike branded sports bands.

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  Apple Watch 3 Edition with ceramic case

Apple Watch 3 Edition with ceramic case [19659012] Picture 2 of 2

  Apple Watch 3 Nike +

Apple Watch 3 Nike +

But that's not all. If you like the idea of ​​a handmade leather strap, you may like the look of the Apple Watch Hermès. Once again, it's the Apple Watch 3, but here you have an exclusive dial with the Hermès Carrick font and high-end leather wrist straps.

The Apple Watch Series 1 is available only in gray or silver aluminum. .

Apple Watch Straps and Watch

  Apple Watch Hermès with Double Tour Strap

Apple Watch Hermès with Double Tour Strap

There are dozens of straps sold by Apple that offer a wide variety of styles for your wrist. When you buy your Apple Watch for the first time, you will have a strap included, but you can easily buy and change the different straps you buy separately.

There are material and color options available, including woven nylon, Nike sport, leather, bracelets and much more. Any Apple Watch strap works with any Apple Watch, as long as you have the correct size of 38mm or 42mm.

In addition, there are many third-party bands available, but make sure you get the correct size because you won & # 39; support all the watch straps.

Apple Watch software updates

The Apple watchOS 4 update gave a boost to each model, including the original Apple Watch. The update added a clock face with Siri built-in, allowing you to touch it to get Siri details, such as your reminders.

The activity and training tracking has also been improved, while the Apple Music application will automatically synchronize music with your watch. Now you can also pay your friends through Apple Pay on your watch and other small adjustments and improvements have been made.

Prior to that, the original Apple Watch was updated to watchOS 3, which sped things up and made that confusing menu interface actually make sense. This was a complete review of the Apple Watch series.

That update also added a Dock to easily access your frequently used apps, new watch faces and a Control Center menu (just like on iOS) to toggle the settings . New in the miniaturized Control Center (starting from watchOS 3.2) is a theater mode so that the wake-up and wake-up function of the watch can be turned off.

Prior to that, the update of Apple watchOS 2 opened its engine, digital crown and microphone to the developers, which means that we now have a lot of applications that have supercharged the watch experience.

That Apple Watch update also included Wi-Fi connectivity, new covers with different customizable options, better Siri capabilities, e-mail responses and even traffic directions courtesy of iOS 9 and more.

In addition, we expect Apple to announce the watchOS 5 update also in the coming months, so there will be new features in its current watch and debut in what we hope will be the Apple Watch 4.

If you have an Apple Watch Older, it is likely not to support new software for the same amount of time as the most recent product. With Apple's iPhone devices, it generally supports them for about four years since launch, so we would expect a similar amount of time for the Apple Watch as well.

Apple Watch applications and watch faces

[19659002] From the original Apple Watch, we've seen your watch titles grow, as well as how many watch faces you can change to give the screen a different look .

For a complete guide view of our favorite pieces of software in the wearable, check out our best Apple Watch application guide, as well as the best Apple Watch games and the best faces of Apple Watch.

What's next for Apple Watch?

If you are planning to buy an Apple Watch soon, now is a good time. We hope that Apple announces a new version of its wearable, but not until September of this year when we expect to see the Apple Watch 4.

There is nothing confirmed yet, but if you want an Apple Watch at this time, then it is the perfect one. time to buy, since you will not know that there is a new device announced just after you have bought your new watch.

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