Sega goes retro with the Genesis Mini and Shenmue I & II reissues

Sega has seen its SNES Classic Mini and wants to offer you a mini version of the Genesis (or Mega Drive, as it was called outside of the US). Mega Drive Mini has just been announced by Sega in Japan, although we still do not have any complete details about it, just news that is coming, plus some images of a demonstration on stage.

We do not know how much it will cost, in what countries it will be sold or what games will be included, but in that last point it seems that Sega is accepting suggestions from the players. If there is a classic title you want to see, talk.

The indications are that the classic console restarted will go on sale this year, at least in Japan. As soon as there are other details of Sega, we will make sure to include them here, but in the meantime you will have to content yourself with a complement of Sega Japan's Twitter account.

In the same event, Sega has also announced that the updated versions of its classic titles Shenmue I and Shenmue II are directed to the PlayStation 4 , the Xbox One and PERSONAL COMPUTER. Once again, that is going to happen this year, and Sega says that the updated games will be available in physical and digital form.

We have a little more to follow here, in the form of a pre-launch trailer. distance in feet. According to Sega, the games will come with voices in Japanese and English and an updated user interface.

With Shenmue III now on the table after a crowdfunding campaign, it's going to be a very good year for fans of Sega's vintage games, as if there were not enough new titles to play anyway. The Sega event is still ongoing, so if there are more ads, we will bring them here.

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