Mac Pro 2019 release date, news and rumors

It's been a few years since we had any major update or update of Apple's Mac Pro. However, almost a year ago, Apple acknowledged the protest by supporting Mac Pro by suggesting that it is working on a Mac Pro & # 39; modular & # 39; and & # 39; upgradeable & # 39; by 2019.

Apple endorsed this statement with a press release for the new sale date of iMac Pro in December 2017. Then, we know that a Mac Pro will arrive, but unfortunately we will not see it until 2019.

So, we know approximately when we will get the Mac Pro 2019, but how will it look? given its modular nature? What can you update? Will it look like a reinforced HomePod?

Before delving into these details during the next year or so, we have to expose the basics.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? Apple's first dedicated desktop since 2013
  • When did it come out? Early in 2019 as early as possible
  • How much will it cost? Probably as much as, if not more than, the current models

Release date of Mac Pro 2019

Now, while the new Mac Pro used to be the product of Apple that in reality we knew with absolute certainty could have been released in 2018, we were wrong. It turns out that the new Mac Pro has been confirmed for a release date of 2019.

The current Mac Pro team debuted at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2013 (WWDC), with a final release date of December 2013. Of course, many buyers did not get their computers until April 2014 due to overdue orders.

Given the time since the last update of Mac Pro, it would not be prudent for Apple to increase the sales price.

Prior to that, the original Mac Pro was revealed to the world during the WWDC in August 2006, reaching the public's hands in the same month.

Therefore, it is still possible to make fun of the Mac Pro at WWDC 2018 in June. However, no one can guess when the product will be released to the public, but we do know that Apple will make its fans wait until the beginning of 2019.

If the Mac Pro does not show up at the WWDC, the next time it would appear would be in October or November, to make room for the inevitable launch of the iPhone in September.

  Mac Pro 2019

Price of Mac Pro 2019

We have absolutely no pricing information for Mac Pro 2019 or leaks or Apple's own comments on the device. Therefore, we once again stay to speculate based on the prices of previous Mac Pro models.

The current Mac Pro, virtually unchanged since its launch in 2013, demands a huge $ 2,999, £ 2,999 or AU $ 4,899 to start. The only other available model increases the price by $ 1,000, £ 900 and AU $ 1,600, respectively, for some large component upgrades.

This Mac Pro could be one of three Mac computers that is expected to launch this year with one of Apple's new T-series co-processors inside.

Given the time since the last update of Mac Pro, it would not be prudent for Apple to increase the sales price.

However, if the new "modular, upgradeable" nature of the new Mac Pro turns out to be true, that could lead the company to fix the price of the device accordingly, knowing that end users would no longer have to resort to it. to perform updates. [19659017] Mac Pro 2019 "class =" lazy-image lazy-image-loading lazyload optional-image "onerror =" this.parentNode.replaceChild (window.missingImage (), this) "sizes =" auto "data-normal = "" data-src = "" data-srcset = " 320w, 650w "data-sizes =" auto "data-original-mos =" "data-pin-media =" https: //cdn.mos.cms."/>

Specifications of Mac Pro 2019

What will be inside the computer is, unfortunately, another unknown with respect to the Mac Pro for 2019, except for a few details. For starters, we know that Apple is focused on issuing a Mac Pro with a modu design Lar and upgradeable.

"In addition to the new iMac Pro, Apple is working on a completely redesigned Mac Pro designed for professional customers who need the highest performance and highest performance system in a modular and upgradeable design," Apple wrote in a press release. December 2017 announcing the new iMac Pro ", as well as a new high-end professional screen."

With that, we know that Apple intends to make at least part of the new Mac Pro design easy to administer , update and configure in different orientations. If this is the case, this computer will have to work with a variety of commercial pieces, at least "ready to use" for business professionals or IT administrators. (Could the Mac Pro be inadvertently Apple's first mining computer?)

In short, there was not enough space in the last Mac Pro for storage expansion, and that should change in the 2019 model. [19659014] In short, there was not enough space in the latest Mac Pro for storage expansion, and that should change in the 2019 model.

We also know that Apple has a working display, presumably one that was designed with the Mac Pro performance in mind.

As of last September, rumors circulated that an 8K (7680 x 4320) resolution screen was being prepared at Apple, and that it would compete with the 32-inch Dell UltraSharp monitor we reviewed recently. It would also come with 10-bit faded colors or native 10-bit colors, but it would not be a touch screen, despite the possibility that iOS apps are on their way to Mac.

The other information on the tape that we know is that this Mac Pro could be one of the three Mac computers that is expected to launch this year with one of the new co-processors of Apple's T-series inside.

Like T1 (which manages the MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Touch ID) and T2 (which manages the security of the iMac Pro hardware and allows the automatic command & # 39; Hey Siri & # 39;) before them, it is likely that download key tasks from the Intel processors that are likely to be within the Mac Pro 2019 models.

How will this manifest within the Mac? Pro for 2019? The most likely scenario is the last one: implement the same T2 chip inside the iMac Pro on this device. That would bring professional security and Siri on demand to the Mac Pro, the first of which is crucial for traction in office environments.

Beyond this, it is difficult to predict much of what hardwa
re is. in the Mac Pro 2019, especially when you take into account contradictory reports that Apple will not make any major changes to its Macs in 2018.

  Mac Pro 2019

What we want to see in Mac Pro 2019

All these rumors about a possible version of Mac Pro 2019 puts us in a privileged position for a well-designed wish list. So, this is what we expect to see Apple's update in Mac Pro for 2019.

More internal expansion
In short, there was not enough space in the latest Mac Pro for storage expansion, and that needs to change in the 2019 model. It's good, then, that words like & # 39; modular & # 39; make us trust that, in fact, this will be the case. Hot-swappable storage banks, anyone?

Dual processor options
Apple was criticized in our review of Mac Pro for not offering a dual processor option. Surely, many video editors and other media creators would enjoy the opportunity to obtain double the power of reproduction and encoding. A CPU with 16 cores is nice, but 32 cores is nicer.

Includes a keyboard and a mouse
The Mac Pro 2013 ships without any Magic Keyboard or Magic Mouse included. In short, we would like to see this change with version 2019. Sending an Apple computer without the proper inputs is like trying to sell a car without the steering wheel.

iOS Applications in Mac Pro
Now that it has been used for so long, the idea of ​​iOS applications on a Mac computer has grown in us. We would love to see how our favorite iPhone and iPad apps reach the desktop. However, Apple needs to discover how this will work on an Apple device without a touch screen, let alone with a touch panel.

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