Google might add iPhone X-style navigation to Android P

Android P is coming to the conclusion and we hope to hear much more about the upcoming update of Google's mobile operating system at the Google I / O developer conference in May. Meanwhile, we can have some clues about the navigation system updates, filtered by … Google itself.

In a screenshot published on the Android Developers blog (and since adjusted to hide part of the user interface), the navigation bar takes on a completely new look, with a Back button, a wider button and without Overview button (multitasking).

Ars Technica detected the image before it was changed, and points out the similarities between this and what Apple has done with the iPhone X. Apple's flagship phone does not have a start button, of course, which means that the users have to rely on touches and gestures to move. Android is working in the same way?

Is this the new navigation bar? (via @RonAmadeo)

Google Pixel phone launchers already have some gestures that are not compatible with Android in general, such as swiping up to get to the application drawer, and it seems that this is the way to go. With more and more Android phones leaving physical buttons, it makes sense to follow Apple's lead.

That said, Android P is still in development, and this change does not appear in the early release that was distributed to developers. It is possible that this is only a temporary test that does not reach the final version of the OS.

Another thing we're not sure about is the full name of Android P, but Google could have given us a clue by showing yesterday some photos of spring theme in their Instagram stories, taken by the Android police. It seems like a lot of palettes … a candy that starts with P. Popsicle has a trademark, but that has not stopped Google before.

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