Trump orders Postal Service review after blasting Amazon deal

After accusing Amazon for months of not paying the corresponding portion of the postage, President Trump ordered a review of the finances of the US Postal Service. UU Through an executive order issued Thursday night. The order requires a working group to evaluate the operations and finances of the USPS. The order does not mention Amazon by name, but it seems clear that Trump is trying to support his claim that the USPS is losing "many billions of dollars a year" due to the financial agreement with its largest sender. of packages, or approximately $ 1.50 for each Amazon package you deliver.

Trump may be very correct with respect to numbers, although his anger seems out of place. Experts and even Trump's own advisors have said that the huge volume of packages sent by Amazon has helped keep the Postal Service afloat. On the contrary, the long and slow decline of garbage and first class mail are the reasons for the increasing financial losses of the USPS. The executive order of Trump recognizes it.

"A number of factors, including the sharp decline in the volume of first class mail, together with the legal mandates that compel the USPS to incur substantial and inflexible costs, have resulted in a structural deficit," says President the order "The US is in an unsustainable financial path and must restructure to avoid a rescue financed by taxpayers."

It is not clear how quickly the workgroup review will begin or how long it will take. Trump created a similar commission last year to back up his claims of widespread election fraud in the 2016 presidential election, a claim completely discredited by electoral experts from both parties. The commission was dissolved in January.

Trump often shouts "FALSE NEWS!" On Twitter after The Washington Post owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, he posts incriminating stories about The President or his administration. Last week Trump called The Post "Amazon's main lobbyist", a claim he likes to repeat. And during his presidential campaign, Trump said that Amazon had a "big antitrust problem" and that "it was getting rid of the murder, in terms of taxes." Everything makes you wonder what Trump's true angle is.

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