Best VR games 2018: the 29 top VR games on PC, consoles and mobile

The best virtual reality (VR) games continue to improve. Two years ago, the power of permanence of virtual reality may have been questionable. But developers are still launching new virtual reality games that make our minds fly even more than the last ones. With the price drops in Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, it's also easier than ever to move to new virtual worlds.

While we still hope to see more Triple A developers really rely on virtual reality with full titles developed from scratch, there are many smaller developers who make dazzling games for virtual reality. And, some bigger developers are showing at least some favor to VR when migrating over popular titles, like Skyrim.

As VR continues to gain momentum, it hopes that the new titles replace the old ones as the best virtual reality games on offer, and check back to see which rank is the favorite. For now, here are our main virtual reality games of 2018, each of which is worth taking a look at if you have a headset, and some of which are worth going out and buying everything you need to experience them.

[Update: We’ve updated our list of best VR games with a number of new titles. Robo Recall is an immaculate VR experience from the makers of Borderlands. End Space is a space dogfighting game for Samsung Gear VR. Sprint Vector is a must-see for Mario Kart fans. Echo Arena is a new sport made for VR. Skyrim, meanwhile, needs no introduction. We’ve also updated details on games that have been made available for more platforms.]

Whether it's nauseating you in virtual reality or not, here's something for everyone, so grab your VR headset and get ready for a ride with the best reality games virtual.

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