Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch: everything we want to see

Although the Nintendo & # 39; s Animal Crossing franchise has not been confirmed for a Switch release, we believe it's only a matter of time. Animal Crossing is a very popular series for Nintendo that helps to change a lot of hardware, and although the company seems to have no problems to change the consoles at this moment, an Animal Crossing title in the future is a good guarantee to tempt new players and old.

That's not just because Animal Crossing is already popular and successful, but because the game is a perfect match for the Nintendo hybrid console. The nature of the Animal Crossing test area makes it ideal for long sessions on your TV, as well as shorter bursts on the fly in the switch's hand mode.

So, although we are still waiting for an official confirmation that the game is in process for the Nintendo switch, we have gathered all the leaks and rumors that circulate on the Internet and we have gathered them here.

News and Rumors

The (almost certainly false) images leaked

The most recent sign that there is an Animal Crossing release on Switch is in the form of some filtered images that claim to show the game. There are two images in total: one that shows what is supposed to be the game's home screen and another that shows the real game.

Unfortunately, both are almost certainly false. Even so, it is evidence that there is a great demand for fans for a Switch version. It is true that we are definitely intrigued by the idea of ​​an Animal Globe Globetrotter.

You can see both images below:

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Nintendo's trademark

In January 2018 it was revealed that Nintendo had requested a new brand Registered Animal Crossing in Japan for a wide range of purposes, including software for a video game machine for the home, a portable machine for electronic games and devices for smartphones. Now, we have the application of the smartphone device in the form of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, but we still have to see the portable and home gaming machines. A version of Nintendo Switch would mark both boxes.

In addition to this, the brand also includes stuffed animals, game machine controllers, board games, cards, protective cases and collectible card games, so it's clear that Nintendo still has big plans for the series.

It's been a long time since the last major release

The last major version of Animal Crossing was New Leaf since 2012. That's now six years ago and, given before, the usual breeding gap Launching for the main titles was around three to five years, we are inclined to say that we have a new game.

What is also interesting is that the Wii U never received a major title (no, Amiibo Festival does not) count) despite the fact that many fans expected to see one. It is possible that Nintendo has started working on an Animal Crossing Wii U or has decided to wait to launch one for the Switch, and although we can not be sure of this, we believe that there is likely to be a release of Switch. In spite of everything, the core team of Animal Crossing finished with the development of Splatoon 2 some time ago, so they must have something new in the pipeline.

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The success of previous releases

The previous releases of DS and 3DS Animal Crossing sold very well for Nintendo, both Wild World and New Leaf exceeded each One 11 million sales. While there is a warning that previous releases of the GameCube and Wii home console have not been as good, we are inclined to say that Switch will change the trend here thanks to its hybrid nature, and Nintendo will have an impact on your hands. Given that one of Nintendo's most stalwart hand titles, Pokemon, is now confirmed to come to the Switch, we do not believe it's likely that the company will keep Animal Crossing languishing in the 3DS for much longer.

What we want to see

Broader, more dynamic, cast

We love our neighbors of Animal Crossing, but there's no denying that they can become somewhat similar. It is a problem that is not helped by repetitive interactions. We would love to see a new Animal Crossing present new faces to the neighborhood and perhaps include some more ways to get to know them. See more dialogue and more complete personalities would make us very happy players.

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More furniture

Decorating in Animal Crossing is one of the best and largest parts of the series (just look at the Happy Home Designer to find evidence of that). But we would like to see even more furniture appear in a new game. New styles and themes would be welcome, perhaps with more personalization options.

Larger Spaces or More Areas

With the power that Switch offers, we believe we could get the largest and most expansive Animal Crossing ever. Although we love that Animal Crossing is about being in a small town, we also enjoyed the movement towards an urban environment that came with New Leaf. At Animal Crossing on Switch we would not like to
take this much further, but it would be nice to see some new areas or districts in the city that offer some amenities or places to visit.

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More opportunities to create your own story

Moving to the role of mayor was one of the best aspects of New Leaf, but we would like to see something a bit different in the next delivery. Maybe more options in what role you play in the city. Pocketcamp allows players to assume the role of owner of a holiday camp, so perhaps in a new main game we can see some more career options.

Of course, for those interested in continuing along the route of the mayor who would still be there, but it would also be exciting to see how the routes open for coffee owners or merchants. Create your own designs or make furniture to sell to the locals, or collect ingredients from your city and others to add some interesting flavors to your cafeteria menu, all of these seem like enjoyable activities in an Animal Crossing world.

Mobile tie-in

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp was a welcome release after we had not seen anything from the show in a while, but it does not sting us enough because of its superficiality However, that does not mean that we would like to see the mobile game completely abandoned when a launch of the main line is launched.

In fact, it would be nice if Nintendo manages to unite the mobile device and console releases in some way so that players can get more depth from the mobile game and give us another way to enjoy the launch of the console. Whether you are unlocking and transferring items, earning money or improving relationships, we would simply like to continue playing even on days when we can not carry our Switch.

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