Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

Available on PS4, Xbox One and PC
* Editor’s note: After the important EA update of March progression system we took a look at Star Wars Battlefront 2. You can read our verdict below.
The Star Wars: Battlefront 2 controversy has been talked about much more than the game itself. This, in many ways, was a pity. While it’s true that it’s an area that needs to be addressed, it overlooked what a decent online shooter was that took a big step simply because he was using one of the most famous licenses of all time. It was always going to be the case, but a recent patch on behalf of EA and DICE seeks to balance these inconsistencies. Of course, the question is whether it has been successful or not.
On the one hand, the answer is a resounding yes. The goal for many angry players, & # 39; Star Cards & # 39;, was removed from the boxes. This means that any loot in the game is now only good for cosmetic items or credits. Immediately this is beneficial for the developer, because not only can he ignore them directly if he wishes, but if he decides to continue pleasing, he is basically buying non-impacting assets. Whether it’s worth it depends entirely on the player.
It certainly makes Battlefront 2 more fun to interact with, because opening boxes can be repetitive. Why someone would want to be subject to that when buying a game where they shoot aliens with laser guns is disconcerting: the faster you can participate in the action, the better.
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This line of thinking continues in that all the heroes and ships have also been unlocked for all. Another silly idea that originally arose because it felt like a time factor – finally, if you want to use Luke Skywalker immediately, you can. It is no longer necessary for you to work to achieve success, and that really simplifies the experience and assures you that you will reach a point of enjoyment much faster. What a concept …
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The same idea was also applied to the Arcade mode, although DICE has taken it a step further and opened all the “Star Cards” ” & # 39; From the beginning. Again, this helps, because you are no longer trying to jump over obstacles, or navigate through fairly murky waters. The configuration is much simpler, and really, what it should have been in November of 2017.
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This does not mean that purchases in the game have completely disappeared. Clearly, something like a passion project for EA (or, at least, an area you would like to have), you can buy masks using credits or crystals, the latter of which costs you real money. However, they are only cosmetics, so it is no longer possible to pay for the victory, one of the main criticisms received at the launch. That certainly should never be the answer when the multiplayer is at the core of a product.
In summary, everyone involved has listened to the comments and tried to integrate that with their own wishes, and it is a fair compromise or, at least, more than it was before. If you really only want to pretend to be Han Solo, then you can Instantly, and there is a somewhat deeper system to explore if microtransactions do not rub you the wrong way.
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This is also important, because Battlefront 2 is a good shooter. The Heroes mode, in particular, is a riot. Knowing that it is possible to concentrate only on this is refreshing given the last few months. In terms of content, EA has also launched a new map in the form of Bespin. Taken from the previous title, it does its job as it expands the universe, even if it is nothing special. The design is decent at best, but a free map is not bad.
DICE has also balanced the gameplay, with certain attenuated weapons and some annoying reorganized reappearances. The characters have also received health improvements and other adjustments, and everything works to make Battlefront 2 a better experience. There’s no doubt.
If it is enough to return people, it is something completely different. The same bases are in place, even if they are less intrusive, and that single focus, even now, is still not ideal. It may feel like you’re being held back just by jumping carelessly into the world.
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Still, it’s nice to see that Battlefront 2 is in a better state than it was, and hopefully it will serve as an example for EA in the future. We all make mistakes; learning from them is what counts. There is enough evidence here, just to indicate that this is probably the case …
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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will never be the game it should be, but this patch brings it closer, if only for a few steps. However, microtransactions are much less frustrating now, and that’s a good thing.

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