LG opens Android upgrade center to prevent any more bootloop problems

LG fans, we have great news: the company has opened a new & # 39; Global Software Upgrade Center & # 39; for your smartphone.

The change will mean two things, according to the brand: faster Android updates for your phone, and a more stable and usable experience as long as those updates have been implemented.

The great news is that, despite being located in South Korea, the division will have the task of ensuring that Android updates are delivered globally, which should At the end of the hearing, Poland, Japan or the USA UU they are receiving the update first while the rest of the world waits months.

These updates will not yet be implemented globally at the same time, as the LG G6 Android Oreo update will arrive in Korea and then be released to the rest of the world, but should accelerate the process.

More important for LG is this post-deployment test: the company was shaken by lawsuits over a LG G4 bootloop issue, where the phone would be caught trying to turn on, essentially blocking the phone.

The lawsuit now settled against LG saw the owners of the LG G4, LG G5, LG V10, LG V20 and LG Nexus 5X receiving $ 425 in cash, or a $ 700 credit for a future smartphone manufactured by LG, something that the brand is clearly trying to avoid by opening a new division specifically to solve it.

And with the new LG G7 ThinQ on the horizon, the brand is clearly trying to convince those users to spend the money on the last phone.

Do it better, do it faster

Users expect the ad to mean that not only will the software be delivered in a more timely fashion, but that more smart phones will receive Android updates for longer in their lifespan, which will make LG phones recognized for their longevity.

Of course, the simple fact of implementing the update does not mean that you still get it as fast as you want, in many countries, software updates have to go through operator tests, which can lower the process even more.

Google has been trying to update Android faster for years, in an attempt to prevent Apple from asking how many of its users have the latest software, while Android users often use years. previous versions.

It's good that LG is committing to even faster updates for Android, something that many brands promise, so let's see if it puts the brand in front for those who love the brighter version of Google. Operating system (but, you know, I do not want a Pixel phone …)

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