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It is proposed that Apple will launch a cheaper iPhone 9 in 2018, and whether or not it has that specific name, a new screen phone is expected closer to the price of the iPhone 8 than the price of the iPhone X.

Of course, we expect a new flagship phone also in the form of iPhone XI with a launch window in September, but all those who hold onto a more affordable Apple device should not look beyond the iPhone 9.

Update : The iPhone 9 may have small bezels and an Intel modem, but there is some disagreement about whether it will land in one or two sizes.

Apple probably wants to offer cheaper iPhone options below the & # 39; Series X & # 39;, so the door is open for the successors of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

So, somehow, we'll get the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus in terms of incremental updates to 8 and 8 Plus are worried, it's just that Apple will probably go back to the drawing board when it comes to naming.

We do not have any solid information about the iPhone 9 at the moment, but rumors are starting to appear, pointing to a bigger screen and a mix of iPhone 8 and iPhone X features.

You will find all the information so far in the sections below, followed by a wish list, composed of features that we really want Apple to duplicate for the 2018 smartphone.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? A cheaper update We are currently dubbing & # 39; iPhone 9 & # 39;
  • When did it come out? Probably a September release of 2018
  • How much will it cost? Much, but less than the iPhone XI

Date and launch price of the iPhone 9

The iPhone 9 will land almost certainly in September 2018, given Apple's typical release date calendar.

When it does, it's sure to be expensive, though possibly less than what you'd expect.

The only real price rumor we have heard so far comes from an analyst, who estimates a price of $ 700- $ 800 (around £ 500- £ 570, AU $ 870-AU $ 990).

That would put it at a price similar to the iPhone 8, but far below the iPhone X, and far below the iPhone XI, if that phone is released.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 were lost, so the iPhone 9 will have a double camera?

News and leaks of the iPhone 9

It's worth noting that the iPhone 9 probably is not the iPhone XI. The latter is expected to be the super premium successor of the iPhone X, while the iPhone 9 could be more a sequel to the iPhone 8.

That assumes that Apple continues to divide its range in that way, but early Rumors of iPhone 9 suggest so, since analyst Ming-Chi Kuo acknowledges that Apple will launch a 6.1-inch phone with lower specifications than other iPhone 2018 models.

This phone allegedly will have an aluminum frame (instead of stainless steel) ) and an LCD (instead of OLED), but could have only a 0.5 mm bezel.

It is also said to have a single-lens camera and casings that are more reminiscent of the iPhone 8 than the iPhone X, as seen in the previous frame. .

This could be Apple's iPhone 2018 line. (Credit: KGI Research / MacRumors)

This could be Apple's iPhone 2018 line. (Credit: KGI Research / MacRumors)

Kuo also notes that the resolution of the 6.1-inch model (which we will call the iPhone 9) could be smaller, 320-330 pixels per inch (ppi), while the iPhone XI could have a screen of 458ppi or more, and could have 3GB of RAM, while the other models could have 4GB.

The most surprising thing is that it says that it may not have 3D Touch, a feature of every iPhone since the iPhone SE has had.

This is also not the only talk of an iPhone 6.1 6.1 inches. Prior to this, we had heard rumors about a 6.1-inch LCD phone elsewhere, with the source, which supposedly knew about Apple's product designs, adding that it could have a metallic backing.

That would be a strange move when Apple switched to glass for all 2017 models, a switch that also allows wireless charging, so if the iPhone 9 actually has a metal back, it may not be able to charge it wirelessly.

But while the iPhone 9 may lack the features of the iPhone 8, it may well win some of the iPhone's X, since unnamed supply chain sources allegedly said that a lower-priced phone will include Face ID, although They also said that they could have an OLED screen, which recent rumors dispute. 19659002] More confusing, while most sources acknowledge that Apple will launch three new iPhones in 2018 and that two of them will be successors of the iPhone X packaged with OLED, one source states that two (one of 5.7 to 5.8 inches and another 6.0 6.1 inches one) will be LCD, while only one will be OLED.

In more minor news, we have also heard that the iPhone 9 could use an Intel modem. With the current models of iPhone there is a division between Intel and Qualcomm, but it is rumored that Apple depends exclusively on Intel in 2018.

What we would like to see

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One start button, one last time

What a Once it was a hardware staple for the iPhone is on the way out. If you buy an iPhone X, you will get an idea of ​​the future without buttons from Apple, which now, well, is present.

After a time of adjustment, most will forget the absence of the confidence button on the iPhone X., but it would be a good farewell if Apple kept the start button for a final appearance on the iPhone 9. [19659037] Touch ID

In addition to losing the start button, the iPhone X also lost Touch ID – something we were not so happy about.

Although Face ID works well, there are still times when a fingerprint scanner would be more useful. We do not care if Apple appears in the back, but what we would really love to see is if it is embedded in the screen. Yum

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AirPods included

Apple is ahead of most smartphone manufacturers in that it includes a set of headphones in each box. But once the headphone jack disappeared on the iPhone 7, you can listen to music with the EarPods connected to Lightning or charge the phone, but not both.

While it is unlikely, it would be a dream come true if the iPhone 9 came with AirPods included in the box. The easy-to-lose but beloved Apple wireless headphones would be a great selling point for the next iPhone.

In this way, you can enjoy some tunes wirelessly while the phone is charging.

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Wireless charging

Apple's investment in wireless charging is young, although it is important enough that we would be happy to see it appear on the iPhone 9.

Go from iPhone 7 to 8, allowing the Wireless charging function requires Apple to make the phone Behind the glass, to allow the charging signal to pass through the device.

Maintaining this feature implies that the iPhone 9 may not be so different from what is available today, and is likely to be so easy to break. [19659049] AMOLED display

According to reports, Apple did not have the resources to install AMOLED displays on any phone except its new iPhone X. Calibrate the supply chain between six and eight months and Apple should use the impressive display technology on the iPhone 9.

It's a bit disconcerting for the company to avoid including an AMOLED screen on the iPhone 8, just to reserve it for the high-end iPhone X.

We would like to see the richer colors and deep blacks that only this type of screen can provide to get to the next iPhone, that is, the iPhone 9.

iphone 9 what we

Dual rear cameras

The iPhone 9 will have a set of double cameras facing backward, that's almost certain. However, as it has done in recent years, Apple will only include it in the extra-size model, the iPhone 9 Plus.

It would be an incredible move for the company to give this function to those who donate. I would not want to disburse larger dollars, but still want all the features related to Apple's ingenious function.

It is very useful to adjust the portrait's lighting and take pictures with depth in the phone as a DSLR replacement. And as Apple continues to devote its efforts to these competitive features, it would be convenient to homogenize the results of its wide range of devices in the future.

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