Best PSP games

When it was first announced in 2003, Sony's PSP was a revelation in a portable device market dominated by Nintendo. Destined to be a home console in your pocket, it was powerful and a success. Unfortunately, it was also a bit heavy, quite expensive and simply failed to live up to its potential. That said, anyone who can still remember the novelty he presented and the fantastic library of games he had to offer will feel a great fondness for it.

Finally, the PSP line was replaced by the Vita much more elegant but less successful, but thanks to compatibility with previous versions, they are fantastic games that will not be forgotten. Whether you have a PS Vita and want to take a trip to a previous generation or have managed to catch a second-hand PSP, you will need some games to play in it. We've put together this list of the best, so you do not miss any of the big ones.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

While waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3, and it's been a long wait, fans of Kingdom Hearts have not completely missed the new releases . Birth by Sleep is one of the best and is an essential work for the great fans of the series, and adds much knowledge as a prequel to the original Kingdom Hearts. Being a prequel, it is also a great title for those who have not played the series.

It's a little different than the previous Kingdom Hearts entries thanks to its new battle system and the fact that it focuses on the heroes Terra, Aqua and Ventus instead of Sora. However, this battle system is excellent for PSP and the ability to move between the unique abilities of different heroes adds another nice layer to the gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

It was very exciting to see a Grand Theft Auto manually and helped get it out of the fantastic Vice City. Vice City Stories was not as fun as an adventure based on the Grand Theft Auto console, but it was better and more complete than Liberty City Stories, which came before her.

He also brought a new story to the table, establishing two years before the Vice City title, so it was nice to see something that was more than just a direct port. The game of Vice City Stories has nothing innovative or changes the game, it is Grand Theft Auto in motion, but if you do not want anything more than that, we suggest you try it.

God of War: Sparta's Ghost

It's a bit hard to believe that the PSP can contain Kratos and still allow him to be his formidable self, but Ghost of Sparta accomplishes it . This game will be enjoyed by anyone who has invested in the history and universe of God of War. Not only does he look great, he manages to play extremely well on the most limited PSP controls. The combat is satisfying, and since you spend most of God of War locked in a battle, that's pretty essential. Chains of Olympus is another great God of War game but Ghost of Sparta is a little longer and a little bit more polished.


You remember Jak and Daxter, right? An unbeatable platform team. Well, on the other side of PSP Jak, Daxter is the star of his own show. This is a funny and fun platform game that looks great and shows the PSP at its best. A must for the fans of action, adventure and a bit of nonsense on their platforms.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet has long been one of Sony's most distinctive franchises and was translated incredibly well from the main console to the handheld. Almost everything, from the PS3 version of the game, was translated to the PSP version and although it is a bit more difficult to create your levels, it is the same fun and you can play happily through the levels created by others.

Wipeout Pure

It would not be a good handheld without a good racing game, would it? You can not go wrong with a Wipeout title and Pure is an excellent addition to the franchise. It is a futuristic racing game that puts players behind the wheel of
antigravity ships. Each boat is linked to a different team and has different characteristics. In addition to aiming to win, you must keep your ship intact avoiding collisions and weapons. Otherwise, it will mean the destruction of your boat and the elimination of the race. As it seems, this game has them and their tight game will make you return.

Lumines 2

If you like electronic dance music and games that remind you of Tetris, give Lumines 2 part of your time. This is an addictive puzzle game with a simple gameplay: the two-tone blocks will fall from the top of the screen and it is up to you to group the colors to eliminate them from the board in search of points and prevent the game from ending. It's the addictive fun of Tetris, enhanced by a blunt soundtrack and a visual touch.


Patapon is a unique game that combines elements of the game of the rhythm of music with the strategy in real time. In it, you take control of a caricature and two-dimensional tribe of Patapons that you send by entering specific sequences of buttons to the rhythm of a drum. Different sequences give different orders, whether forward, retreat, attack or defense. Patapon is a fantastic example of what a rhythm game is, forging a combat game that requires thinking and using your memory instead of pressing nonsense buttons.

Half-minute hero

This role-playing game with a difference is perfect for those who do not have much time on their hands. The great point of sale? You can go through missions in about 30 seconds. Actually, it's not just that you can . You have to. There are ways to recover your time a bit, but a big part of the fun of this game is that you have to keep striving to move forward a bit more, learning lessons as you go along.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

If you are looking for a game to lose hundreds of hours in your life, this is the game. Like most tactical RPGs, Final Fantasy Tactics takes some time to understand and can be a bit slow, but once you understand what you're doing you will not want to leave it. The story, the visuals and the game or Final Fantasy Tactics come together to create a game that is rich, complex, rewarding and not for the faint of heart.

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