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Overview Magicka 2:

After the great war of the magicians, each soul was killed in Midgard. However, the Asgardians are returning to their homeland to claim the throne of the seven kingdoms in the free download of Magicka 2. After the killing or the magicians, almost all died and those who remain are angry or extremely hostile towards others. due to fear. Aldrheim is in ruins like the other seven kingdoms in the free download of Magicka 2. To rid the world of dark and evil forces, the four greatest magicians of all time must unite and guide the common people to raise their voices against the dark lords. Also, in the free download of Magicka 2, you will have to choose one of the four ancient magicians and lead an army of common people and kind magician against the dark lords of the west.

Paradox Plaza has really put its efforts into making Magicka 2 free download. Vlad is your best guide in the game, you can ask Vlad for tips and tricks to complete a specific task. You will have to learn different spells to cast them in times of need. You can learn three basic categories of spells in the free download of Magicka 2, which are, respectively, defensive spells, offensive spells and healing spells. Unlike other adventure games, the free download of Magicka 2 has a completely open system of world maps. Including the maps of the prequel videogame known as Magicka Ice Death and Fury.

NOTE: The game has been updated to the latest version and includes all DLC, see below how to install the guide to install the game correctly. The version of Torrent is old.

Magicka 2 free download:

  • Ice death and fury update
  • Three Cardinals Robe package
  • Gates Of Midgard Challenge package
  • And much more you can discover in the game [19659012] Screenshots

    System Requirements

    1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7 or higher
    2 :: Processor: Intel Dual Core / AMD
    3 :: Ram :: 2 GB RAM
    4 :: DirectX: Version 9
    5 :: Graphics :: Nvidia GeForce 550 / AMD ATI Radeon 5850
    6 :: Storage space :: 3 GB of space

    How to install this game Look here

    1 :: Download game
    2 :: Extract Game
    3 :: Mount the ISO file
    4 :: Install the game
    5 :: Copy files from the SKIDROW folder and paste them into the installed game folder
    6 :: Next, right click on the cert.bin file and go to Properties and uncheck Read and just click on OK
    7 :: Game launch
    8 :: Have fun


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