Destiny 2’s second expansion is called Warmind and launches on May 8th

Bungie today announced the name and release date of its second expansion Destiny 2. The expansion, which will probably cost $ 19.99 as the Curse of Osiris of December is called Warmind, and is expected to revolve around the mystical artificial intelligences of the game that have long been fundamental part of the history of the franchise. It is launched on May 8. It is rumored that the war mind in question is a character named Charlemagne or possibly Rasputin, a prominent AI of the original Destiny . Bungie is planning an official live broadcast on Twitch to reveal more information on April 24.

A fair amount of Destiny 2 players probably already paid for Warmind as part of the collector's edition game sold last year. All others will have to determine if they want to continue with the universe Destiny that has been plagued by constant controversies since the September 2017 launch of the game. Bungie has made a series of minor and major changes in the game to deal with criticism, mainly because the game is not as fun, deep or rewarding as the first, and restore the health of its player base, which seems to have diminished significantly in the game. last six months. But the problems facing the game feel more systemic, and it is likely that Bungie will have to make even more drastic changes with the larger and more substantial expansion planned for September.

That said, Bungie revealed more of his developer roadmap today and revealed some positive changes he's making with Warmind and future expansions. Most notably, the developer will no longer restrict competitive multiplayer maps only to those who buy the new expansion, a move he made with Curse of Osiris that blocked content behind a payment wall and resulted in to painfully long queue times for certain playlists The release Warmind which also coincides with the launch of the third season of the game, will also bring private Crucible games, an increase in the space of the vault, multiplayer rankings Seasonal and much needed increases in power for the coveted and coveted game. rare kind of exotic weapons. All of these are welcome changes and go a long way in repairing some of the biggest problems in the game.

Image: Bungie

On the bottom line, Bungie is planning this summer to bring back the daily reward system, which fans had been calling to give players tasks to complete if they log in every day. In September, with the fourth season and the alleged launch of the third expansion not yet announced, Bungie is planning to make changes in the "weapons slot systems." We do not know exactly what that means, but one of the biggest problems facing the game today is what weak and unexciting players feel in competitive multiplayer modes, mainly because flashy single-shot weapons like sniper rifles and shotguns they were mixed in a special restricted slot of "power weapon".

How Bungie tackles this with those slot weapon changes, and how those changes affect the speed and fun factor of multiplayer combat, will have a great effect on whether Destiny 2 can regain popularity and longevity of his predecessor.

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