Watch Circuit Breaker Live today for gaming laptops and hovering gadgets

Hello. Tuesday today Can you believe? Another week, another Tuesday, another Circuit Breaker Live. Today, we are here for you, emotionally. It's okay. Paul Miller, Nilay Patel and I will present another emotional technical support during which they can call us, and we will try to support them emotionally. Personally I have many feelings today, so who knows, maybe we can cry together. Mark Zuckerberg will testify in front of Congress today as well. Maybe you have some feelings about that? Call us at 844-436-6846 and watch the program live on YouTube here or up at 4PM ET.

Nilay and Paul will also talk about more conventional devices, including a lot of laptops for games with Stefan Etienne and devices to levitate with Jake Kastrenakes. Yes, floating devices are their own product category, and they work oddly on crowdfunding platforms.

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