Microsoft open sources original File Manager from the ‘90s so it can run on Windows 10

Microsoft is releasing the source code of its original Windows File Manager for almost 28 years. Originally released for Windows 3.0, File Manager was a replacement for managing files through MS-DOS, and allowed Windows users to copy, move, delete and search files. While it is a relic of the past, you can still compile the Microsoft source code and run the application in Windows 10 today.

The source code is available on GitHub and is maintained by Microsoft veteran Craig Wittenberg under the MIT license. Wittenberg copied the Windows NT 4 File Manager code in 2007, and has been maintaining it before opening it recently. It is a testament to compatibility with previous versions of Windows, especially that it was originally included in Windows more than 20 years ago. It's as nostalgic as running Windows 95 on an Xbox One, Apple Watch or Android SmartWatch. If you are a fan of the original Windows File Manager, you can download the GitHub application and remember what computing was like years ago.

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