Fortnite on iOS made $15 million in its first three weeks in the App Store

The success of Ipod Games at Epic Games Fortnite has earned more than $ 15 million in its first three weeks in the market, says mobile analysis firm Sensor Tower. According to the company's most recent report, Fortnite on iOS is now outperforming mobile heavyweights such as Candy Crush Saga Clash of Clans and Pokémon Go based on weekly income, earning $ 6.4 million in the past seven days compared to Candy Crush Saga $ 5.8 million. Of course, those games have been out for years, with Candy Crush Saga now a six-year-old mobile game. But each game on that list has remained at the top of the App Store for years, and each has matured into massive and stable revenue generators. Fortnite at least for now, leads the group.

Unlike most mobile games, some of which allow you to pay money to move forward. Fortnite sells only silly costumes, silly in-game dance animations and other cosmetic items, as well as a three-month $ 9.99 subscription service called Battle Pass. And although these measures for Fortnite seem amazing, are not that surprising. The game is a worldwide phenomenon due to a mixture of intelligent synchronization, the free Epic model and the growing and innate popularity of the battle royale genre.

The genre was popularized by Battleunksown Battlegrounds of which Epic borrowed the central concept of 100 players parachuting on a desert island, the last person being the winner. But with Fortnite a free game with a more accessible difficulty curve and more familiar and caricatural graphics, the genre really took off.

Image: Sensor Tower

Fortnite & # 39; s The mobile version is successful partly because it is an exact copy of the game's desktop and console versions, allowing you to keep your progress and the cache cosmetic on all platforms. That's why players feel comfortable spending money on the mobile version of the game; All templates, emotes and other game cosmetics are transferred to PlayStation, Xbox and PC. PUBG also exists in iOS and Android in a surprisingly stable state, is made by the Chinese giant of games and technology Tencent, but the progress does not move to other platforms.

According to Sensor Tower, when Epic lifted the invitation obstacle for Fortnite on iOS earlier this week, a mechanism that the developer had maintained since the game's launch on March 15, the company was seeing mobile devices revenues tripled from around $ 600,000 to $ 1.8 million.

Image: Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower Estimates Fortnite has been downloaded 11 million times only on the mobile. According to Superdata Research, another analytical gaming company, Epic earned approximately $ 126 million through Fortnite purchases integrated into the app in the month of February. Mobile sales will surely increase that number in the coming months.

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