Disney’s Avatar park will soon feature a giant walking mech suit

Disney opened its impressive and immersive Pandora: The World of Avatar park last year, allowing visitors to go and experience the world of the 2009 film by James Cameron Avatar . Disney announced that he is making a great addition to the park: a mech suit that rises and will be piloted by the actors.

The 12-acre park presents its own story a generation after the movie, at a place called the Moran Valley, where tourists are taken to the planet through a company called Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE) ). They explore the planet's ecosystem and even take control of an Avatar to fly a wild Banshee. Now, they will meet an actor who handles the giant robotic suit, known as the Pandora Utility Suit, which "will tell the story of Pandora and her experience and what it is like to be on this planet," according to the Director of the Tony exhibition. Giordano. They look impressive, exceeding 10 feet in height, and have articulated hands and movable members

The Disney Parks Blog showed a behind-the-scenes video of the action lawsuit, and Giordano says "it was like Christmas when I saw that the suit was walking towards me, and [heard] the man told me about Pandora. " Last year, Bryan Bishop wrote that theme parks like Disney's Pandora Park are the next step in immersion entertainment, allowing visitors to viscerally experience the worlds of those who are fanatical. These costumes, real walking mechs, seem to be taken from the fictional world of James Cameron, and they really should take home the feeling of being in Pandora.

The costumes are a bit different from the Amplified Mobility Platform (AMP) mech suits seen in the film: "They are actually costumes that have been developed by scientists to go to the desert to explore plant life and animals , "Explains executive producer Laura Offerdahl.

According to Disney, once the demand is deployed in the park on April 22, it will tour "the land on a daily basis, its pilot will interact with the guests, share details about the otherworldly landscape and highlight the importance of preserving the nature. "Hopefully it does not fall on someone.

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