Microsoft will streamline Skype call recording with new Content Creator mode

Skype finally gets a call recording function, only 15 years after its launch. It should be noted that Skype is not building its own recording software, but depends on third-party applications, including Xsplit, Wirecast and Vmix. These products, among others, allowed him to record Skype calls for years, but now it seems that Microsoft wants a more simplified version.

Windows 10 and Mac users will be able to record calls if they switch their Skype desktop client to "Content creators" mode, a new version designed for vloggers, streamers and podcast creators. Users can choose which third-party software they prefer to use and Skype now supports integration. Skype foresees that you can transmit a call now on your YouTube channel or Twitch transmission. You can also import audio files into editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Although Microsoft does not mention this explicitly, you can imagine others who would find the new feature useful: reporters making calls with international sources, business meetings without annotators. available, etc. It's strange how long it took for Skype to recognize, at least formally, the usefulness of such a feature, even if it's only to partner with existing application manufacturers that already allow it. After all, newer products such as Zoom and Google Hangouts allow you to record calls.

Skype will open the new recording integration next week at the NAB at the Las Vegas show. A full release is scheduled for this summer.