Doogee’s new Mix 4 features a nifty slider that hides the front camera

Doogee, known for its "manly" phones, has manufactured a 5.99-inch bezel-and-non-bezel phone with an elegant sliding mechanism that hides the front camera. Unfortunately, it also hides the light sensor and speaker. The conceptual device was revealed for the first time in an unboxing video published by Arun Maini, also known as YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss.

The design of Doogee is intelligent because it deftly solves the problem of the need for a bezel or fat notch on the screen to house the camera and the sensors installed on top of modern phones. It is reminiscent of the HTC 7 Surround, which used a slider to hide the speaker from the "boombox" facing forward of the device and the rear support. There is a small bezel surrounding the screen, but the Mix 4 still has an impressive screen-to-body ratio of approximately 97 percent. Maini says that the size of the screen is comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S9. You can see a fingerprint icon on the phone's screen, which suggests that the next production device will be sent with a fingerprint scanner on the screen.

The Mix 4 goal makes a satisfying click when it slides into place and its double layer design makes it a little thick (compared to other phones) to 11 mm. The phone's specifications are slim apart from the visible dual rear cameras, though the company told Maini that it plans to use a Snapdragon processor.

Video: Arun Maini

Doogee is not the only company that returns to mobile phones. Earlier this year, Nokia introduced an updated version of its Matrix 8110 mobile phone with a slider that reveals the phone's keypad.

It is not yet known when Mix 4 will go on sale. Maini points out, however, that given Doogee's historic launch program, Mix 4 is likely to be available in December, six months after Mix 3 in June.

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