All of Facebook’s privacy fixes have broken Tinder

Facebook has broken Tinder and users who were expelled from the dating app have taken to Twitter to complain, as it was first seen in Select all .

Since the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, in which 87 million users incorrectly shared information with the UK data mining company, Facebook has been implementing more security and privacy updates. Today, however, the company announced radical changes to many of its most prominent APIs, restricting developers' access in several crucial ways.

Shortly thereafter, Tinder users began to point out on Twitter that they had been expelled from the dating application and could not log in again, since those who used Facebook Login were trapped in an infinite loop that appeared to be related to an unknown error.

The application has generated an error message for users started, entitled Facebook Permissions, which states that users need to provide more Facebook permissions to create or use a Tinder account. If users press "Ask me", which is the only option given, the application requests that they log into Facebook once more and that the cycle begin again.

Roderick Hsiao, senior software engineer at Tinder, tweeted that users could still access the service through their web browser while the engineers worked on repairing the mobile client. We communicate with Tinder and Facebook and update this story when we receive news.

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