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Horizon Chase World Tour and Horizon Chase Turbo are some of the best racing games on mobile and Nintendo Switch respectively. So it will be a very pleasant surprise to hear that both games have been set up to celebrate the origins of the developers with a new “Devs Hometown” update.

About Horizon Chase game

Horizon Chase is a 3D driving game in which players drive more than 20 different sports cars. Feel the thrill of a road called that outdoes your opponent to win the race after the race and pick up a chunk of prize money along the way. You can purchase on the go and fine-tune your car. Horizon Chase’s control system is customizable, with up to three options to choose from. No matter which car you choose as your racing vehicle, it’s all very easy to drive.

Horizon Chase - World Tour game

All you have to do is put the pedals on the metal without stopping and hold them firmly so they don’t slip off the road in the hairpin curve. That said, while Horizon Chase’s free demo only includes 5 different race circuits, it’s important to keep in mind that you can unlock additional content through quick in-app purchases from the app itself. Nonetheless, with 5 free circuits, it’s more fun than any other title in this genre.

Horizon Chase is cruel. It attracts you with its mouth-opening visuals and fascinates you thanks to its excellent gameplay. Overall, Horizon Chase is one of the best driving games on Android today. The control system is suitable for touch screen devices, and a variety of circuits and vehicles can be selected. Fans of iconic games like Outrun will love this title, which pays tribute to classic racing games.

Horizon Chase – World Tour New Features 2021

This free content drop is now available to all World Tour players, introducing 2 new tracks, a new car, and impressive skins. However, the turbo player on the Nintendo Switch waits a bit longer.

This track is set in the city of Porto Alegre in Brazil, home to developer Aquiris Game Studio. The new car is called Minuano and comes with 6 alternative skins. These features will be available immediately to Turbo players, but users of World Tour exclusively for iOS and Android will see them gradually in future updates.

The new Minuano is said to be inspired by a nostalgic model designed and manufactured in Porto Alegre in the 80s. The latest track is called Guaíba Sunset and Nightfall and is full of references to real Porto Alegre landmarks. We are really excited to introduce our hometown to millions of Horizon Chase players. The concept of the game is to race in the most iconic cities in the world. Show each of them a beautiful horizon and a true look.

About the landmarks. It was really fun to think and choose the most obvious side of your hometown,” said Sandro Manfredini, Business Director at Aquiris.

New Features 2021

The best thing about the Horizon Chase update

Best of all, this update includes an eye-catching version of the song ‘Deu Pra Ti‘ by local musicians Kleiton and Kledir. Reworked specifically for the update by Horizon Chase composer Barry Leitch. The World Tour also received a Weekly Challenge Mode, featuring a new set of tracks with different rules and new challenges every week.

Some of these rounds offer exclusive rewards to those who are skilled enough to beat them, including new car skins. Plus, premium players can access additional content as a token of their continued support.

Let’s talk about Horizon Chase Turbo Best Car

There are 18 cars in this game and each car has different properties. Winning a new car demanding a special “bonus race” win in each region. This bonus race also offers car upgrades. So, when you acquire a new car, you will receive a new upgrade. Upgrades are offered as long as they are in the top three. Where to get a new car if you finish first.

Horizon Chase Cars

Graphics one of the main thing in every game

Horizon Chase brings back a 16-bit generation of graphics context, creating styles inspired by the past without missing out on contemporaneity. Clear polygons and secondary color aesthetics emphasize the visual beauty of the game, creating a unique and harmonious atmosphere. You can feel the retro spirit of the game in a completely modern body. Express them in normal terms.

The graphics are great and give the game a retro feel. Also, as you play, the weather changes with features such as day and night, snow, rain, and sunset.

Download the Horizon Chase game now

The Horizon Chase World Tour is now available for download, click the download button to download the best racing game.