Windows XP Professional ISO Free Download For 64 Bit and 32Bit

The Microsoft Windows XP Professional ISO with Service Pack 2 is the latest version of the Windows XP series. Get a free download of the full version of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 ISO through the direct link.

Features of XP Professional ISO

Typically, Windows operating systems have Graphics Device Interface (GDI). It is an application programming interface (API) used to send graphic objects to an output device (monitor, printer, etc.). In Windows XP, this GDI has been replaced by a new version that will be coded using the C++ programming language.

This new version is called GDI+. With the introduction of this version, images and text on the computer screen looked much sharper and had a higher clarity. This is due to anti-aliasing (a phenomenon that averages the color of pixels at the boundary to smooth out the jagged, stepped edges present in the digital image). The visual improvement is due to the following effects and implementation.

Alpha compositing-A phenomenon in which an image is combined with a background to create full or partial transparency. This effect is used to combine several individual images into one final composite image.

Shadow effect-This effect consists of drawing elements that resemble the shadow of an object. Shadows were also frequently used for text labels on windows, menus, and icons.

Gradient Shading-Used to increase the depth of the web page and the usefulness of the buttons.

ClearType– Used to improve the text on the display screen.

The Start Menu– Start menu has been changed to a two-column layout that displays frequently used applications and recently opened documents. More than one user can use Windows XP. This is because you can assign different sessions to different users and switch them when needed. However, only one person at a time can use the entire console.

Requirements for installing Windows XP ISO

Someone needs the following minimum requirements to install the Windows XP ISO.

  • 733MHz Itanium microprocessor (800MHz recommended)
  • 1 GB (memory)
  • 6 GB (free space required)
  • CD-ROM drive (media requirements)
  • Super VGA (Video Graphics Array)
  • Keyboard, mouse (input device)

Microsoft Windows XP Professional ISO Free Download

Download the Windows XP Professional ISO for 32-bit and 64-bit PCs. Windows XP Professional SP2 ISO bootable image free download. Windows XP is lightweight, stable, and very fast. It was Microsoft’s most popular operating system. You can also download the advanced version of Windows 7 Ultimate released after Windows XP.


How to Install Windows XP?

Here are the steps you need to follow to install the Windows XP ISO 2021.

  1. After download the Windows XP ISO 2021 version you need to follow the steps given below.
  2. The user has to right-click on the executable file and then select the “7-Zip” option. Then you need to select the option “Open archive” and then “cab“.
  3. Once this step is complete, 3 files will be presented to the user. Click on the “sources” file and you will find 3 other files. Selecting the xpm file opens the Windows XP mode virtual hard drive folder.
  4. The user needs to extract the files in the folder by selecting the “Extract” option from the toolbar. Then you need to create a new folder to send all extracted files. Once this is done, the user will have to select “OK” to start the extraction process.
  5. The user has to go to the location where the extracted files were transferred. Here you need to select the “VirtualXPVHD” file and rename it by inserting “.”. Between the letters P and V, the file is named “VIRTUALXP.VHD“. After completing this step, your files will be converted to a virtual hard disk.
  6. Users can now download virtualization programs and run new Windows XP virtual copies. We recommend downloading VirtualBox for this.
  7. Once the user has successfully downloaded the VirtualBox, they need to open it and select “New“. You need to select expert mode and name your virtual machine.
  8. You need to allocate a certain amount of RAM to the new virtual machine (value between 512MB and 2048MB).
  9. Users should keep in mind that their computer also needs RAM for other components.
  10. The user has to take the virtual hard disk created previously and assign it to the virtual machine.
  11. After the previous steps have been completed, choose the “Create” option.
  12. Certain settings need to be changed before proceeding with the virtual machine. To do this, the user needs to select the “System” option and then the “Boot Order” option (“Hard Disk” must be selected).
  13. Users need to select “Display” and then adjust the “Video Memory” option to 128MB.
  14. Going back to VirtualBox, the user has to select the network settings and make sure all settings have been properly applied to the virtual machine.
  15. The user has to boot the newly installed OS and then restart the virtual machine when a black screen appears. After ignoring all the installation prompts that come, the user must go to “Devices“.
  16. Under “Device”, you need to select the option “Install Guest Additional CD Image” and the default installation location should be chosen by the user.
  17. After this is done, you will have to reboot your system. Now users can experience the joy of Windows XP for themselves.